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Exile By Richard North Patterson Exile David Wolfe is a successful American lawyer being primed for a run for Congress But when the phone rings and he hears the voice of Hana Arif the Palestinian woman with whom he had a secret affair in l

  • Title: Exile
  • Author: Richard North Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780805079470
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Exile By Richard North Patterson David Wolfe is a successful American lawyer being primed for a run for Congress But when the phone rings and he hears the voice of Hana Arif the Palestinian woman with whom he had a secret affair in law school he begins a completely unexpected journey.The next day, the prime minister of Israel is assassinated by a suicide bomber while visiting San Francisco Soon, Hana isDavid Wolfe is a successful American lawyer being primed for a run for Congress But when the phone rings and he hears the voice of Hana Arif the Palestinian woman with whom he had a secret affair in law school he begins a completely unexpected journey.The next day, the prime minister of Israel is assassinated by a suicide bomber while visiting San Francisco Soon, Hana is accused of being the mastermind behind the murder Now David faces an agonizing choice Will he, a Jew, represent her The most challenging case of David s career requires that he delve deep into the lives of Hana and her militant Palestinian husband, all the way back to Israel and the West Bank There he uncovers the couple s dangerous connections culminating in an explosive trial where the stakes are Hana s life and the future of two peoples.
    Exile By Richard North Patterson

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    One thought on “Exile

    1. Winnie on said:

      The book not only tells the romantic story of a Jewish lawyer in love with a Palestinian law professor wrongly accused of a capital crime, it ALSO educates As with any conflict there are always two points of view in a matter In my opinion, Exile would be an excellent book to read for anyone who honestly wants to understand about the Jewish Palestinian conflict.David Wolfe seems to have everything A good job as a lawyer in San Francisco, engaged to a wonderful woman, he also is being slated to r [...]

    2. Johnny on said:

      Where does history begin Less than ten chapters into Richard North Patterson s Exile, this question looms poignantly over the entire thesis of the book To be up front, I must be one of the last people in the country to read a book by this author To be even up front, I have been avoiding his books because I had him confused with a very mediocre book by James Patterson called The Beach House I realize that is tantamount to confusing a book on politics by the late Woodrow Wilson with my book on Si [...]

    3. Kay on said:

      I dreaded this book because 1 I am not a fan of the author after reading 13 of his books he s too liberal for moderate viewpoint and he s too wordy 2 It was 728 pages in an oversized paperback BUT 1 It was the last fictional book I brought on my 3 month trip to Florida 2 I had paid 9.99 for it in 2007 and felt I at least had to try it.It turned out to be a compelling story of a Jewish lawyer defending his past love, a Palestine woman, for the murder of the Israeli Prime Minister in America I fou [...]

    4. Kathleen Hagen on said:

      Exile, by Richard North Patterson A plus.Downloaded from audible.This book will make my top ten this year David Wolfe is a lawyer whose career seems assured He has private wealth from his parents, he has a law degree from Harvard, a very successful law practice in San Francisco, growing visibility in San Francisco s Jewish community, and is being groomed to run for Congress He has a fianc , who supports his goals and helps him already by hosting parties for him Carol hosted a private party for t [...]

    5. Stacey on said:

      So far it s quite captivating I thought that since it was so long that I would tire of it, but I haven t I do think it s very LONG on sympathy for the Palestinians, however my mother pointed out that the title is in fact Exile as in the Palestinian exile I have 150 or so pages to go but so far the book loses stars for too brief synopses of Israeli history, predictable plot twists if I am right and lack of development of a few aspects of the main character s romantic relationship at the start of [...]

    6. Janelle on said:

      I m not normally a big fan of thrillers, but this one got my attention The title was recommended by a participant in the Conflict and Resistance in the Middle East series that my library helped create last year It is mostly a legal drama, but the trial is set against the backdrop of the ongoing and seemingly endless Israeli Palestinian conflict In it we meet a cast of characters whose personal backgrounds and political beliefs span the entire spectrum Assuming that Patterson got it right and my [...]

    7. Shira Reiss on said:

      Dear Reader,Having devoted so much time to reading Patterson s book Exile , please take the time to read the information below which will help you formulate an independent decision about the Israeli Palestinian conflict I enjoyed this book, but had numerous problems with the author s choice of information and implicit judgments Mr Patterson attempted to present all sides of a complicated situation with his thesis that the Israelis and Palestinians are not listening to each other s narratives I t [...]

    8. Sheila on said:

      This story is based on Jewish Palestinian conflict I must say Richard North Patterson had well researched the contents of this book The main character is a Jew lawyer David Wolfe in United States of America Narrative was great and it was a page turner for me It shows the vicious cycle of killing from both sides and refusal to live in peace As things stand today peace between Israelis and Palestinians would not be achievable unless years old conflict for religion and land ownership is resolved Th [...]

    9. Drick on said:

      This books begins with the assassination of the peace seeking prime minister of Israel while speaking in San Francisco The Palestinian woman accused of orchestrating the suicide bombing calls her former Jewish lover of 13 years before to defend her in the trial that follows Thus the stage is set for a trial with all sorts of intrigue and twists and turns However, Richard Patterson uses this event as the springboard to explore the many faceted struggle between the Palestinians and Israelis over t [...]

    10. Penny Shales on said:

      Richard North Patterson NOT to be confused with James Patterson is an author who must spend months if not years researching hi books He is alway thought provoking while being very readable and I think I have read all of his books except for the one where he deals with the notion of capital punishment That is a subject that fills me with such horror that I don t feel strong enough to spend hours in the company of the notion Exile is about the Israeli Palestine problems and plunges into the convol [...]

    11. Reynold Levocz on said:

      A gripping novel of the ironic terminology The Holy Land consumed in wretched displacement, hatred and unrelenting violence In one sense, this is an eye opening history lesson encased in a story of lost love.

    12. Don on said:

      Patterson has created, through a fictional matrix, a story of the tragedy of the Israeli and the Palestinian conflict Jewish David Wolfe is in law school at Harvard when he meets a Hana Arif, Palestinian woman at a debate They have an affair but Hana is betrothed to a Palestinian and she returns to the West Bank to marry him Thirteen years later he receives a call from her, she is in the United States This is one of the best crafted novels I have read in a long time It is a very compelling read [...]

    13. Meredith and Win Blevins on said:

      Incredible Marvelous A supremely good novelCan t remember when a story so engrossed me If you want an extraordinarily powerful book, then this one is for you.

    14. Janet on said:

      The plot of the book was a vehicle to explore the Middle Eastern dilemma facing Israel and the Palestinians through years of violence and hate It begins with an assassination of a two state solution Israeli prime minister The rest of the plot has to do with the unlikely relationship between a Jewish lawyer and his Muslim client, who incidentally he happened to sleep with in collegery improbablebut gave the author an opportunity to explore the ramifications Very predictable.

    15. K on said:

      This was a book in the genre of My Sister s Keeper or The Runaway Jury, i.e a standard page turner thriller courtroom drama attempting to tackle a larger issue in this case, the Israeli Palestinian conflict The basic premise is that David Wolfe, a nominally Jewish lawyer pursuing a career in politics and engaged to the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, feels compelled to defend Hana Arif, a Palestinian woman who is also his former lover, accused of engineering the assassination of the Israeli pr [...]

    16. Doug Bradshaw on said:

      Divergent is a fast and interesting read It is a coming of age story set in a war school where 16 year olds are going through a Marine like boot camp to learn how to become soldiers by learning physical, emotional and intellectual battling skills There is a lot of testosterone both in the males and females flying around and some pretty unfair and gruesome fighting, pretty much among the troops instead of with the enemy Many of the learning sequences, some of which are advanced simulations and ot [...]

    17. Sandy on said:

      The author finished writing this in early 2006, but three years later it is just as timely in its analysis of the Israeli Palestinian tensions in this legal thriller The geopolitics create a fascinating framework, but what makes this such a page turner is the well paced story of an American attorney who finds his carefully planned life unravel in the face of a terrorist plot that forces him to make choices he never anticipated.I ll admit that there were a few points that I found mildly irritatin [...]

    18. Marvin on said:

      Patterson, in all of the books of his that I ve read, does things that I criticize in other authors, but it seems to work for me when he does them He s clearly trying to teach us something, as much as tell a story, he doesn thesitate to bring the story almost to a halt while some character explains something to us that the author wants us to know, nor does he hesitate to take a position on controversial issues, though he takes pains to show us how complex the issues are to recognize the legitima [...]

    19. Vannessa Anderson on said:

      I did not see climax coming Just when I thought I knew who the bad guy was author Patterson threw something into the mix and he kept it coming All the main characters were antagonists David Wolfe, a Jew, meets Hana Arif, a Palestinian, in college They fall in love and have a secret affair but can t marry because Hana s family has set her up in an arranged marriage Hana returns to her country and marries When Hana and her husband, who also attended law school with David and Hana, and daughter ret [...]

    20. Judy Sorensen on said:

      So much info So many sides I liked this book a lot because it helped me understand that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is not black and white, it is not just two sided.I am encouraged to continue reading about these countries and the rest of the Middle East Thank you Gettysburg College for your Conflict and Resolution in the Middle East series on Iraq and Palestine Keep up the good work.

    21. Reed Porter on said:

      A decent thriller that gives good insight into life in Israel for both the Palestinian and Hebrew Only 3 stars due to over selling the plight of the refugees and conversations David would have with one person that were continued with another person without dropping a beat.

    22. Anne on said:

      I liked the writer s style very much The book was intriguing and gripping Definitely, a worthy read in my opinion Took me where I ve never been.

    23. Helle on said:

      Richard North Patterson starts the author s note of Exile with these words The ongoing tragedy of Israel and the Palestinians is the most complex and controversial subject I have taken on I believe him.For me the complex part was a bit daunting, probably enhanced by the fact that I know relatively little of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, other than the bits and pieces gathered from the news of which I am admittedly not an avid follower Especially part three was sometimes difficult to follow T [...]

    24. Gary Ray on said:

      The conflicts raging for centuries is Palestine are nothing if not complicated This thriller set in a combination of San Francisco and the Middle East serves not just as an engaging piece of fiction, but also as primer on the recent history of the region.I thoroughly enjoyed this, and found myself frequently heading to Google to learn about the various military and terror actions, as well as the many refugee camps and political movements on each size If you are not interested in actually learn [...]

    25. AGilden on said:

      I managed to get through only 28% of the book, and it took me almost a week I live in Israel Palestine, which enables me to understand how formulaic and stereotyped the Palestinian characters are Between that and the author s or his American characters judgementalness of these stereotypical characters, I just couldn t take any of it Maybe the book improves later, I don t know.Perhaps like reading a sincere, honest North Korean person s explanation of the merits of capitalism nicely parroted, but [...]

    26. Yosef Shapiro on said:

      This book tries to take on a very difficult subject , which is the relationship between the Israeli s and Palestinian s The story is ok It starts off with a bang with an assassination of the Israeli PM After that, it gets way too bogged down in political viewpoints The book slows down way too much I think that the author should have trimmed this book down by about half It needed action and a quicker resolution.

    27. Martina Sartor on said:

      Thriller politico su un tema non facile da trattare il conflitto israelo palestinese L autore di un equilibrio raro nell esporre fatti e ragioni di entrambe le parti Si legge e si capisce molto meglio di un libro di storia.L intrigo giallo ad un certo punto si pu anche intuire, ma la soluzione che Patterson propone alla fine non n facile n scontata E questo contribuisce ad elevare la qualit del romanzo.

    28. Philip on said:

      Outstanding Brilliant plot, exhaustively researched and superbly executed As well as a great read, the reader will finish with a far better understanding of the recent history and current conflicts in the middle east.

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