Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vol. 1

Hidekaz Himaruya

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Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vol. 1

Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vol. 1 By Hidekaz Himaruya Hetalia Axis Powers Vol In these hilarious comic strips the world s powers take on ridiculous stereotypes During World War gruff Germany finds Italy hiding in a wooden box of tomatoes World War I quickly comes to an end

  • Title: Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vol. 1
  • Author: Hidekaz Himaruya
  • ISBN: 9781427818768
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vol. 1 By Hidekaz Himaruya In these hilarious comic strips, the world s powers take on ridiculous stereotypes During World War 1, gruff Germany finds Italy hiding in a wooden box of tomatoes World War I quickly comes to an end, but World War II is right on its heels This time, Italy tries his best to become friends with Germany.
    Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vol. 1 By Hidekaz Himaruya

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      214 Hidekaz Himaruya
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    One thought on “Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vol. 1

    1. Myurie has trailmix! on said:

      It s a cute manga that s set in World War 2 through present day that actually manages to amuse and both educate at the same time The manga is about anthropomorphic personifications of some of the countries during World War 2, with adorable comic strips about certain events The personifications of the countries somewhat poke fun at national stereotypes, such as America being loud, brash yet good natured and friendly, or Japan being the quiet but secretly an otaku, etc, without being super offensi [...]

    2. Starbubbles on said:

      This was hilarious It took me a while to read though, I kept forgetting which countries had which face clothes The book reads like a series of short stories I was surprised to read that personifying countries was a foriegn conceipt to the Japanese audience If you look at Western art, all sorts of things are represented by other things But it s even surprising in regards to Japanese History When WWII ended, America had issues determining who was to be held responsible for their continued, er con [...]

    3. Grace on said:

      Axis Powers Hetalia Vol 1 What did I expect I d heard alot about this before and at first I was quite indifferent about it but once it actually hit me, it REALLY hit You know, like a bowling ball or something similar Hetalia is impossibly hilarious and has the power to make you want to go and research history It may not be something you can study from but it s something that will motivate you unwillingly It s a deviation from classic mainstream manga and has it s own style that is evident in the [...]

    4. Alex on said:

      A hilarious look at history that s neither politically nor historically correct , but it s adorable and the personalities are scarily accurate.

    5. frangible-spiderlily on said:

      The premise drove me away faster than I d like to admit.However It wasn t long before the art and favorable reviews drew me back Historians around the globe screamed in agony on the day Hetalia Axis Powers was released Still, it s cute character designs and originality drew many people in and would not let them go.I don t like many aspects about Hetalia For starters, just go ahead and forget about any variations in skin tone The United States of America may be a melting pot, but Hetalia America [...]

    6. Anna on said:

      Ooooh I do love me some historical satire So this series primarily just follows historical events, but much of it is centered around the Axis Powers and Allies during WWII But here s the twist all the countries are living, breathing, human personifications Each and every character is grossly stereotyped to fit their country and I couldn t be happier for it.No, seriously I love satire and parodies because I have this terrible guilty pleasure for the bittersweet candies of offensive humor Hetalia [...]

    7. Hillary on said:

      Perhaps my expectations were too high, but after hearing how funny and un PC this was I thought I d be rotfl Unfortunately, it was not so for me Several teen girls expressed their utter love for this title saying that it also makes the reader want to learn about the countries and wars battles mentioned in the book However, not one of them Googled anything themselves so the whole educational slant was a sham To me, the fem boy personifications of countries fail overall because world conflict can [...]

    8. 124kafayat on said:

      Hetalia is like having fun reading and doing social studies at the same time it is basically a bunch of little stories put together to make a collage of beauty Yes, it is a confusing concept to totally grasp, but when you do, you will love the ideas, pictures, and vast amounts of personality put into this manga The main characters include Germany who is a neat freak and strict, Italy who is thick headed and loves pasta, and America who tries and tries again to be the hero of everything The story [...]

    9. Taylor on said:

      Note This review is for the series in general, not just the first issue DFrom England s John Bull, France s Marianne, to America s own Uncle Sam, country personifications are nothing new Political cartoonists have used them to poke fun at stereotypes and national policy, like the famous 1898 cartoon depicting imperial powers Britain, Germany, Russia, and Japan dividing up a pie labeled China While national personifications have been mainly used for commentary and satire, Hidekaz Himaruya s webco [...]

    10. Alysse on said:

      Hetalia Axis Powers, or APH for short, is a comidic parody of history, revolving around the personifications of countries Orginally based off a webcomic by Hidekaz Himaruya The story mainly follows the Axis and Allied powers of World War II, but often branches off to other events, time periods, or countries Don t look for any cronological consitancy here, often jumping from ancient times to modern day and everything in between Many countries within the series, their personalities having basis in [...]

    11. Emmy Lou on said:

      Actual Rating 3.5 starsI ve seen up to episode 36 of the Axis Powers series, so I was really looking forward to the manga It wasn t up to my expectations, but it was still good My favorite thing was the side note about the icecream in America In America, there are ice cream trucks patrolling neighborhoods all the time Even without going to the store, customers can score a variety of flavors in bright reds, blues and beyond As if that s not enough, the calorie starved consumer can even buy massiv [...]

    12. Jody Mena on said:

      This book is beyond hilarious, it takes political satire to a whole new level along with cultural stereotypes, but it was still really funny I laughed all the way through I love the anthropomorphic allegory in which each nation is a character in the story, it just makes it all the funnier to see watch the character development The actions and developments were exponentially funnier because it is all parody My personal favorite was Finland showing up at the end dressed as Santa Claus I also buste [...]

    13. Dorian de Jandreau on said:

      I am so happy I spent all day reading my favorite manga book Of course reading in Russian was very very hard It look me long time I cannot wait start reading second book and cannot wait wen I will get third book in English I really loved this book, made me laugh many times I loved not only this manga, but anime cartoons too I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HETALIA And my favorite character will always be FRANCE I just love France I would anything to kiss him and marry him.

    14. LG (A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions) on said:

      This manga is hard for me to write about I liked it, for many of the same reasons I liked the anime It s funny, the characters are appealing, and it makes history and the relationships between countries interesting and memorable, even for someone like me, who had to struggle to remember anything for history tests However, I read a review that said this manga has a strong whiff of pointlessness, and I think I d have to agree with that I didn t dislike this volume nearly as much as some of the pe [...]

    15. Lily on said:

      Everyone is SOOOO CUTE Especially Italy I watched the whole anime and it was AWESOME They are only 5 minutes and about 17 seconds long, buttally worth it I found Germany and Italy s friendship absolutely ADORABLE Random Side Note or RSN wouldn t it be WONDERFUL if my name was Isadora There would be sooooo many puns using the word adorable Anyway it s time to go BACK TO THE REVIEW couldn t help it sorry I m actually rooting for GerItor whatever crazy name people living in their basement hiding fr [...]

    16. Brigi on said:

      A friend lent me this book, and I read it without knowing anything about it or the anime She is quite a fan, so I thought I d be as excited as her, but it didn t happen Yes, it is very funny and the little bit of historic facts are always interesting, but for me the stereotypes were too much in certain cases I think some were humiliating and harmful.I am thinking about a particular sentence found in the description of Hungary in relation to Romania that just might have destroyed decades of diplo [...]

    17. Deirdre on said:

      Hetalia Axis Powers, Vol 1 tells the story of WWI and WWII with anthropomorphic personifications of countries, and the various conflicts in the war told as conflicts between people It s a very interesting idea, and actually pretty funny and yes, I even learned things For example, I hadn t known that British intelligence supposedly hired Aleister Crowley to cast a curse on Germany The characters countries are all very stereotyped, but I think they re stereotyped pretty equally I found America par [...]

    18. 78sunny on said:

      Geschichtsunterricht in Mangaform.Obwohl ich mich sehr f r Geschichte interessiere und auch gern mal ber das ein oder andere Klischee lache, konnte mich dieser Manga nicht wirklich begeistern Der Zeichenstil war mir zu skizzenhaft An sich waren die Charaktere interessant und auch niedlich gezeichnet Auch die verschiedenen Uniformen waren nett anzusehen Aber dieser kritzelige Zeichenstil war einfach nicht meins.Inhaltlich fand ich die Kurzgeschichten alle recht langweilig zusammengestellt Auch de [...]

    19. Tria on said:

      VODKAAAAA I know, some of you would be like this isn t history blablabla but if you really think abouf it, some traits, events, acts, are rather logically representing each countries For example, the easiest one Italy and Germany s bromance their sercure alliance during WW2 Some may have been exaggerated, but some may have been correct, like how Belarus really want to marry Russia how people in Belarus want to be a part of Russia.Anyways, I recommend this whether for pure entertainment or maybe [...]

    20. Mad on said:

      This manga is insane It made me laugh so hard I almost died by choking on my milk I was eating Oreos at the time, while I was clicking away and that turned out to be an unwise decision milk always goes well with Oreos, if you re wondering what it has to do with my milk Thankfully I managed to survive the ordeal and read .I don t really think there s a plot they re following It s mainly just about the characters who are people named and based on countries I think it s a pretty sweet and unique id [...]

    21. Adila on said:

      Just so the world knows, Hetalia is my most favorite manga ever It is WW1 and WW2 plus some other random times in history, where each country is represented as a person who carries out all of their country s stereotypes Though it may be about some serious times in history, Hetalia puts it together in a very funny way I know some people may find it offensive to certain countries I know Korea was especially offended and requested that it s character not be included in the anime , but it is good to [...]

    22. Brittany Pesch on said:

      Hetalia is about personified nations and how they live during World War One Italy, Germany and Japan Axis are learning to cooperate in order to win against the allies The book is interesting and amusing Italy is a weak, pasta loving italian Germany is a hard willed, combat perfessional Japan is a onigiri loving person.I recomend this book for all ages, it s really cute and addictive Its a really fun book to read, and you don t really want to put it down.

    23. Noran Miss Pumkin on said:

      I got this copy used to see what all the hype was about Tokyopop is promoting this like a nobel winner Well is Sucked so bad I did not finish it The stereotype, the poor drawing, the concept is lost on me completely Maybe, because I am a baby boomer, or I know a lot of WWII If anyone wants this just email me for free.

    24. Danielle on said:

      This is my go to manga if I m in the mood It s quick, it s unique, it s funny It s also not for everyone The thing with this manga is you either love it or you won t want anything to do with it I, for one, absolutly adore it.Warning The fanbase for this manga is a frightening place, but if you liked it you will quickly become addicted.

    25. Lord on said:

      This manga is sooooo hilarious It s similar to South Park If you have no sense of humour, stay away from it If you re too pride of your nationality, stay away from it But you will miss a big lump although the number of pages is not that great of silly humour and also some history lessons.

    26. John Egbert on said:

      I want to give it five stars because I enjoyed it so much, but I just can t hangs head Aw, what the heck rates five stars anyways I ll write an actual review later, when I write my D Gray Man one.

    27. Sara on said:

      Lo que me he podido reir yo con esta serie XD Alemania x Italia forever

    28. Alejandro on said:

      Welcome to another installment of Ale Reviews Manga So I have seen Hetalia floating around the internet for quite some time now Well maybe less the internet, like Tumblr If you aren t familiar with Hetalia, it is pretty much a satire about global politics as demonstrated by the personifications of different world countries Anyway, when I recently found out there was a manga, I finally decided to see what all the brouhaha was about And to be honest, I was pretty disappointed I found Hetalia Axis [...]

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