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Nuts By Kacy Cook Nuts An eleven year old girl cares for two orphaned squirrels

  • Title: Nuts
  • Author: Kacy Cook
  • ISBN: 9780761456520
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nuts By Kacy Cook An eleven year old girl cares for two orphaned squirrels
    Nuts By Kacy Cook

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      261 Kacy Cook
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    One thought on “Nuts

    1. Blue on said:

      This book by Kacy cook is a sweet story of three brothers and some friends Some day during the fall one of the three boys heard a chirping and wondered what the noise was so he decide to venture off and see what the noise was.He was surprised when he found a baby squirrel that did not even have his eyes open The boy was frightened and called for his brothers but both of his brothers were younger so he couldn t really get advice from them about the baby squirrel But the boys did not want to leave [...]

    2. Tracie on said:

      Just finished a book called Nuts by Kacy Cook and for once was so impressed with the portrayal of a homeschooling family in a story and then I find out the author is local BONUS The family is loving, kind and intelligent you won t find many other stories that show homeschooling in such a positive light.The story is about a family with three children who discover a baby squirrel and decide to raise it The oldest child, Nell, grows increasingly attached to the squirrel and secretly wants to keep i [...]

    3. Snoob on said:

      I loved this book, but i was sad when the squirrel died and when the squirrel ran away at the end.

    4. Liza W on said:

      This book was amazing I think it would be a really good book for animal lovers.

    5. Sandra Stiles on said:

      This is a story all animal lovers will enjoy Eleven year old Nell and her two brothers rescue two squirrels who have somehow managed to fall from their nests Nell s mom and dad agree to let them keep them for a while so they can gain strength and learn to fend for themselves Nell contacts someone named Libby online Libby tells Nell she should take them to a wildlife rehabilitator Nell tells a few lies about why she can t do that and that she needs to leave her parents out of it We are taken on a [...]

    6. Bruce on said:

      Nell and her brothers find a tiny baby squirrel beneath a tree in their yard They chase off the neighbors cat and bring it inside to keep it safe Nell goes online to see how to care for infant squirrels She finds a web site with a link that reads, If you find an orphaned squirrel but she s unhappy to read what it says, At the top of the page was a notice in a red box If you find a baby squirrel on the ground and there is no sign of the mother after two hours, or if the baby is injured, take it t [...]

    7. Terry on said:

      Big Kid Reaction The author is a good writer and tells a nice story I liked that there were several layers to the story, both in terms of events and character relationships The dynamic between Russ and Nell is particularly insightful, as it offers both sides to the hunter hate hunter scenario and you see both sides of the story It isn t often that we have characters who are home schooled, so this is a book where they can see themselves Overall, this was an Okay book, but not one I d recommend to [...]

    8. Faith on said:

      Nell hears a soft, faint sound She looks at her hamsters, but they are sleeping She puts her ear to the wall, but only hears the soft hum of the furnace Her brothers are playing a game of scrabble The sound seems to be coming from outside Nell and her brothers go into the front yard They see a small animal with barely any fur, a tail sort of like a rat s and its eyes are shut It is a orphaned baby squirrel.Reasons I like this book Reason 1 It has animals.Reason 2 I couldn t stop reading.Reason 3 [...]

    9. Tracey on said:

      children s fiction animal stories I would ve liked this if it didn t sound like a 12 year old wrote it Your hair is dark and curly and long Fine, but that doesn t add anything to the story and I d just as soon not have these kinds of unnecessary details Perhaps it does matter to a 12 year old, however maybe someone s daughter demanded that these sorts of minutiae got included , and I don t think a child would think it detracts from the story at all, but I feel like the best children s fiction s [...]

    10. Cindy on said:

      Kids who like stories about nature or animals would enjoy this book We decided it was okay, but not spectucular For younger children, you ll need tobe prepared to skip or talk about anatomy and mating, as both come up in this book I also didn t think the main character 11 at the start, 12 by the end needed to start dating during the course of the book, rushing things by than a little according to our family s standards I did like that the main character learned the consequences of lying althoug [...]

    11. Alex Colebank on said:

      The novel Nuts is the story of some homeschool children who find two squirrels They attempt to convince their parents into letting them keep the homeless squirrels in their home, at least until they were strong enough to survive on their own The story revolves around love, growth and attachment This is the perfect novel for anyone capable of reading it, which would be around 4th grade and up The story depicts the lifestyle of homeschooled children and they adventure through the upbringing of the [...]

    12. Mary on said:

      5th 6th When Nell and her youger brothers find first one then another baby squirrel in their back yard Nell is determined to raise them She ignores advice to turn them over to a wildlife rehabilitor, and proceeds to raise them with some very interesting results and a lot of learning and growing up herself in the process.

    13. Tiara on said:

      this book was pretty good i am not really into books about nature but nuts was a good read because the story was told by a girl who is around my age my favorite part of this book is that fact that the family really tries their best to care for the squirrel babies.

    14. Kristin Lenz on said:

      Maya plucked this off the library shelf because of the cute cover, and she said it was an adorable story.

    15. Kerrikoala on said:

      Pros Squirrels Cons Somewhat unbelievable parents, sad stuff.RC15 Book with a one word title

    16. Julie on said:

      What a cute story about a an eleven year old girl caring for a baby squirrel The book also gave lots of info about squirrels.

    17. Remez Boque on said:

      This book made me so sad I hate that they die but still like it

    18. Brionna Boehme on said:

      This book is great It is a story about a girl who finds a baby squirrel and really wants to keep it She goes trough everything to save the squirrel.

    19. Jennifer Rivera on said:

      Amazing bookI really liked this book, one of the best I ve read I have to declare that it is the best.

    20. Steve on said:

      Kind of cute but a little too weird to finish the whole thing Maya liked but Stephen didn t so much I did learn things about newborn squirrel digestive systems that I never knew before.

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