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Cashay By Margaret McMullan Cashay In her fourteen years living in a Chicago housing project Cashay has never ridden in a taxi cab seen the city lit up at night or set foot in a museum She s not pretty or graceful or bubbly like h

  • Title: Cashay
  • Author: Margaret McMullan
  • ISBN: 9780547076560
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cashay By Margaret McMullan In her fourteen years living in a Chicago housing project, Cashay has never ridden in a taxi cab, seen the city lit up at night, or set foot in a museum She s not pretty, or graceful, or bubbly like her little sister, Sashay She gets her family by on a couple of dollars and food stamps every week.No, Cashay has never felt much like a treasure Your name doesn t signifyIn her fourteen years living in a Chicago housing project, Cashay has never ridden in a taxi cab, seen the city lit up at night, or set foot in a museum She s not pretty, or graceful, or bubbly like her little sister, Sashay She gets her family by on a couple of dollars and food stamps every week.No, Cashay has never felt much like a treasure Your name doesn t signify who you are, Cashay tells her sister.But that was before Sashay was killed Before her mother started using again Before her mentor, Allison, showed Cashay a bigger piece of the world, and encouraged her to finally, finally step into it.A name may not signify who you are, but in this poignant coming of age story by acclaimed writer Margaret McMullan, readers will find that indeed, Cashay is an exception to her own rule.
    Cashay By Margaret McMullan

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      356 Margaret McMullan
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    One thought on “Cashay

    1. Ingenue on said:

      Cashay is an African American 13 year old who lives with her mother and little sister, Sashay, in urban Chicago Her neighborhood is thick with drug dealers and her family skirts the edge of poverty, but Cashay is happy and a good student, comfortable in her routine Then Sashay is killed in a drive by shooting their mother retreats into drug addiction, and Cashay retreats into numbness and rage A violent outburst at school lands Cashay in a Catholic youth mentorship program.From there, in clicks [...]

    2. Daniel Williams on said:

      Cashay lives in Chicago, Illinois Cashay s sister was killed by a street guy by T Rex Cashay s world is turned upside when her mom is pregnant Cashay wants to go to Brenson for Law School Will she go

    3. Nancy on said:

      This is going to be a really good one I m just one chapter in and I really feel for the main character.

    4. Imani ♥ ☮ on said:

      I thought I would really enjoy this book I usually enjoy books that are about Chi town However something about how this book was written made it really hard to read I think I was first turned off by the fact that the author spelled the L train in Chicago EL And that bothered me because every time I had heard somebody talk about that train I pictured it L train I even asked my family members and they all said it was L So I don t know, maybe I m wrong but after reading that part I just kind of sto [...]

    5. Diane Ferbrache on said:

      Cashay and sister Sashay are inseparable Cashay even flunked 7th grade so she could be in the same grade as her sister when they get to high school Then one day on the way home from school, Sashay is killed shot in a drug deal gone wrong Cashay is left to mourn and deal with a mother who rapidly descends into drug abuse She appears to be headed in the wrong direction herself until a counselor, a nun, and a mentor show her that she has too much potential to throw it all away.This is a story of th [...]

    6. Keila ♥ on said:

      Cashay and her sister Sashay are two different people Cashay is 14 and older than her sister by 1 year She failed 7th grade just to be with her They planed to go to the same High School But now Sashays died Without Sashay in her life her mom is back with her drugs, and Cashay is getting her bad side out She now have a new born baby brother Her aunt just moved out the projects Right now Cashay is trying to get into a good place but her mom isn t helping at all Her councilor sent Cashay to an afte [...]

    7. Hayden on said:

      Cashay s younger sister, Sashay, is killed in the crossfire of a drug deal gone wrong Afterwards, her mother takes up with some terrible drug dealer and backslides into addiction Cashay, 14, doesn t have much going for her except for the sort of big sister she gets paired up with at a Catholic after school center, a white stockbroker named Alison Sometimes Cashay is a little too wise to be believeable for a 14 year old like, not just smart, but possessing the wisdom of the ancients , and most of [...]

    8. Becky Shaknovich on said:

      So, so sad The writing is simple, but beautiful Some examples I listen and twist my hair with my fingers, relieved that at least I m not tender headed or pretty P 22 Ever seen the blue eyelids of a pigeon You can only see them when the pigeon s dead It s a real pretty color P 37 There s plenty that stood out to me as well I m taking away stars for some icky stereotypes and tropes rich, lonely white woman swoops in to save black girl with a drug addict mother, etc and because the ending is too h [...]

    9. Alicia on said:

      Cashay and her sister Sashay are a year apart, but they act like twins Cashay even intentionally flunked a grade so they could enter high school together the next year When Sashay is killed by a stray bullet in a drive by shooting in their Chicago neighborhood, Cashay stops caring or trying, and her mother starts using again When she is sent to a mentoring program by the school counselor, an unexpected friendship finally penetrates the grief of losing her sister.A short, quick read that may app [...]

    10. Allison on said:

      Imagine you are in an elevator with the gang banger who killed your younger sister He s gor a gun in his pants You have to do something or you will die like your sister You press the elevator s stop button and the elevator jerks, pushing you into him You grab his gun and point it at him That s where Cashay finds herself as she leaves her mentors Chicago apartment one afternoon She s grieving her sister and her drug addicted mother She s hungry for learning and a math whiz She needs a home.

    11. Karin on said:

      Can t quite remember when I read this Feb 09 Must have forgotten to put it on my list It was an ARC, tho Interesting story of teen girl whose younger sister is killed outside their home projects in Chicago , whose mom starts using again, and who gets a mentor that teaches her about life outside what she s ever knows Good, and maybe particularly so if you ve read author s other historical novels and can appreciate her ability to write across genres.

    12. Clay on said:

      Three and a half stars Biracial teen s beloved sister is killed in a drive by shooting I m a big fan of this author s How I Found the Strong and When I Crossed No Bob This one was an interesting, well written read, though I never got used to the sister characters too cute rhyming names Cashay, Sashay in such a serious story, and some characters and plot elements didn t ring as true as others Still quite good.

    13. Damera Blincoe on said:

      I thought this book was very interesting Written from the point of view of a 14 year old who witnesses something awful and then having to deal with the after affects, it tells a good story Would have loved to read about what happens afterwards, but you can t always get what you want Would be a good book to have for teenagers who are dealing with loss and drug addiction.

    14. Jamie on said:

      This book deals with a lot of topics that my students deal with in their lives I don t know that I would teach this book, but I think it would do a lot for the right student at the right time, and I will definitely include it in my library.

    15. Gina on said:

      Cashay has lived her life in the projects of Chicago When her sweet little sister Sashay is killed from a stray bullet and her mom begins using again, she finds solace in her mentor, Allison, who shares with Cashay a world outside of her own A heart wrenching story of hope.

    16. Crystal on said:

      Easy read and finished it within 24 hrs Story is uplifting and inspiring Favorite quote Mother Nature is funny She gave animals a certain amount of selfishness to survive and a little bit of compassion to make the survival worthwhile.

    17. Kayni Wadee on said:

      This Book is about a girl named Cashay and how she would take care of her sister Sashay, but after cashay gets killed eveyrthing goes down hill, her mother gets back on drugs,and she cant seem to find anybody stable until she meets

    18. Dolores on said:

      Gritty contemporary novel that is very different from the two previous books I ve read from this author She did a good job of getting inside Cashay s skin and letting the reader hear her voice, and feel her pain The ending felt a bit abrupt to me, but overall, a good book.

    19. Katherine on said:

      I understand that some people have a few misgivings about this book because of the premise that a rich white lady saves that poor black girl But, ultimately I think that this is a fantastic story of overcoming the odds and how one person can influence the lives of those around you.

    20. Jeanine on said:

      A wonderful and tragic tale of a young girl overcoming adversity The story takes place in Chicago and sheds light on problems drugs and violence encountered by children growing up in the housing projects I highly recommend this read for reluctant readers.

    21. Vicki on said:

      14 yr old Cashay is standing next to her sister, Sashay when she is shot killed on the way home from school The setting is Cabrini Green in Chicago, present day A horrific look at life in the projects with a bad family life, drugs, anger, and finally hope for a young teenage girl Great

    22. Autumn on said:

      Not terrible Kind of a fakey Push for middle schoolers With a really ugly cover Hmmm

    23. FrumpBurger on said:

      Young adult fiction that I get to review And, surprisingly, it was really freaking good.

    24. Azhia on said:

      I really liked this book I read it a while ago but it was an amzing storyline you should read it.

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