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Commitment By Heather Dahlgren Commitment Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B MAMMS Q Maddie Duff had a horrible childhood dreadful vile and appalling thanks to her deranged mother Maddie was forced into a life

  • Title: Commitment
  • Author: Heather Dahlgren
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Commitment By Heather Dahlgren Librarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00MAMMS5Q.Maddie Duff had a horrible childhood dreadful, vile, and appalling, thanks to her deranged mother Maddie was forced into a life that made her believe that perfection and beauty were the most important things She was taught that the only relationships worth having with men were those of a sexual nLibrarian s note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00MAMMS5Q.Maddie Duff had a horrible childhood dreadful, vile, and appalling, thanks to her deranged mother Maddie was forced into a life that made her believe that perfection and beauty were the most important things She was taught that the only relationships worth having with men were those of a sexual nature men were not worth the commitment.She leads a life of fun, carefree, emotionless sex with countless men She lives with her best friends, Kenz and Becca, who she considers her only family She also has an ongoing friends with benefits thing with her friend and neighbor, Young.Tyler Young is hot, sexy and loves women He is foul mouthed, idiotic and hysterical He lives with his best friends, Campbell and Dick These three may bust each other however, they have each other s back in the blink of an eye Young has his sights set on Maddie They have an intense, mind blowing time in the bedroom Until he decides he wants .Even though Young has Maddie feeling things she has never felt before, not to mention her panties on fire, when he suggests a relationship she takes off Young is determined to make Maddie his, whatever the cost He comes up with a plan that he believes will do just that Make Maddie his mind, body and soul.Can Young convince Maddie that he is worth breaking all her rules for Will Maddie be able to let down her walls, forget what she believes, and let Young in What happens when the past finally catches up with you and the truth is revealed Is the Commitment worth it
    Commitment By Heather Dahlgren

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      395 Heather Dahlgren
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    One thought on “Commitment

    1. Kayla on said:

      Um Yeah There aren t words To describe How completely perfect Young is I mean I can t I just can t Holy shit He s freaking hot He s stupidly funny, which I love He s so caring and thoughtful I just can t I gotta go cry myself to sleep right now knowing that Young doesn t exist in real life Thanks Heather.

    2. ThatTransylvanianChick on said:

      I will never let a man own me, and I refuse to become of those women dependent on a man emotionally I was curious and looking forward to this one Liked both Young and Maddie in the first book From the very beginning, we find out Maddie s secret And it s an ugly one Suffice it to say, her mother is a monster The person that should love her and protect her from the moment she draws her first breath is the one that hurts her most and is careful to place idiotic ideas into Maddie s head, thus enabli [...]

    3. Dena on said:

      Commitment is book 2 in the Change Series This can be read as a stand alone book Maddie lives with her best friends and roommates, Kenz and Becca Across the hall are Campbell, Dick and Young Kenz is dating Campbell, so the crew hangs out together often Young and Maddie have a friends with benefits relationship Hot and heavy sex, no strings attached, or so Maddie thought Young wants Maddie, he s sick of being a player She is the only woman he is interested in and he just wants her to give him a c [...]

    4. Rebecca Wheeler on said:

      4 1 2 stars I had the pleasure of being a beta reader for this hot and sexy NA, and I was one of several that had absolutely nothing to contribute for Heather to improve this story I basically read this in one day, as a published book This review is based on my beta read.This is a very hot and sexy NA, that I feel could be read as a standalone It s a quick read, without too much angst or emotional intensity, just a great fun and cheeky story with plenty of sexual shenanigans.In book one, we met [...]

    5. Wendalina on said:

      While we all fell in love with this gang of 6 in Changed, Commitment brings you even deeper into their story Campbell and Kenz are still happily together, Becca is still searching for Mr.Right, Dick is still mysterious, but Young knows what he wants Maddie His Forever Will he be able to penetrate the walls she s put up and have her going against the only things she s ever known or will she continue to be stubborn and push away something that could be as wonderful and beautiful as what her best f [...]

    6. Christine on said:

      Loved this book very much, finished it in just a few days I loved the story and the characters very much, especially the way Maddie and Young both learn and grow from each other and fall in love I love how strong and brave Maddie is when it comes to facing her mother and over coming the bad things she has to deal with from her childhood I also love how Young stays strong for his girl and doesnt give up on her He teaches her that she is perfect just the way she is, and doesnt need to hide her tr [...]

    7. Kelly Hartigan on said:

      Full of passion, intense emotions, healing, and a well deserved HEA Wow Heather Dahlgren blew me away with the intensity of emotions she instilled in me with the details surrounding Maddie s background and the relationship with her mother I don t think I have ever wanted to jump inside a book, yell at a character, and slap some sense into them as much as I did with Maddie s mother This woman was in no way a real mother to Maddie she was a monster Her mother s lifestyle, as well as the lessons sh [...]

    8. Carol on said:

      What kind of mother turns her daughter into a hooker at 16 yrs old That s the life that Maddie had to live until she was able to get out on her own and go off to college She was told by her mother that men where not to be trusted Take what you can get from them but NEVER think its forever or love.So that is how Maddie lives her life She finds nothing wrong with picking up guys in bars and having sex with them in bathrooms She even goes far enough to have sex with than one in a night Is she a sl [...]

    9. Kim on said:

      Maddie and Young intrigued me in Changed and I was waiting to get my hands on their story Unfortunately life got in the way and it took me a little longer than expected Young is a hoot irreverent, fun loving and smokin hot He and Maddie have chemistry off the charts and he is beginning to realize that for the first time ever, he wants than the slam bam thank you ma am that has been his MO for years Maddie doesn t do relationships ever and he knows it so he has to decide how to win her over And [...]

    10. Chelsea Hockenberry ~ Author Groupies on said:

      Rating 4 Stars Committed is the second book in the Changed Series and it follows Young and Maddie We met Young and Maddie in Changed and I was anxiously waiting for this book to come out because I wanted to see how the relationship between Young and Maddie played out Maddie has always been told since she was young to always look perfect and never get attached to men because they will all leave Maddie no longer has a relationship with her mother and she has become a pro at burying her past which [...]

    11. Angel on said:

      This book went beyond my expectations, The story of Maddie And Young touched me on so many levels,We met them in changed but their story is Different and you will want to read it.They have been sleeping together for a year no commitments just sex and Hot sex it is.Now Young wants and Maddie refuses she doesnt do commitments.Maddie Had to do unthinkable things for her mother at the age of 16, she was taught to always look her best and that men only wanted her for one thing Now as an adult Maddie [...]

    12. Ally Stbm on said:

      Commitment is a must read story of healing, friendship,passion, and love it is also worth mentioning that there are lots of hot sex scenes Without giving too much away I just want to say that I feel so much for Maddie, her mother made her do horrible things and it explains a lot, why she sleeps around so much and sees sex as just sex with no desire for intimacy Sex is something Maddie hides behind I really liked seeing a different side to Young in this, yes, he is a playboy but he has it bad fo [...]

    13. Babbling ChatterReads on said:

      I enjoy reading the stories of this group of friends This is the second book in the Changed series and it is all about the relationship between Maddie and Young.This story circles around the premise of commitment hence the title and being able to change their ways of living An idea that Maddie is against because of the way she was taught and brought up to be perfection and to carry her self where beauty was everything Relationships were not to go any further other than of sexual encounters and t [...]

    14. Jamie Rhodes on said:

      I liked book one so much that I got for free that I decided since book 2 and 3 were reasonably priced that I would purchase them as well Book 2 didn t disappoint Again my four star rating is because there are some wording editing problems Those problems don t take away from the book, but they are still noticeable The content is worth 5 stars We met Maddie and Young in book one These two had wow spark the first moment they met in book one They have been having a friends with benefits relationship [...]

    15. Rhonda Campbell on said:

      AwesomeGet ready for a HOT and steamy, emotional rollercoaster that will have you alternating between tearing up and laughing This book takes you the full scale Blood isn t a necessity to being part of a family And this group of friends are definitely a great family full of love and support.Getting to know a different side to sexy, dirty talking, smartass Young just makes you like him There s nothing hotter than a man who is willing to give up anything for the one he loves and who is fiercely l [...]

    16. Renee at Book Happiness on said:

      I received this for an honest review and I have to say that this was an enjoyable read This is Maddie and Young s story Maddie has had a traumatic upbringing for which has probably shaped the way she is Maddie enjoys sex and is very out there when it comes to it Young is a healthy young man who loves sex These two are absolutely perfect for each They are the female and male versions of each other Both made up of the same cloth so to say Except Young knows what he wants and that is Maddie in a co [...]

    17. Melissa Feist on said:

      Emotionally SweetI was not expecting Maddie s backstory at all Of course during Changed I wondered what was behind her bold sexuality and flippant behavior, didn t expect her reasons My heart broke for her, while it turned to jelly seeing Young throw caution to the wind I love all these characters, their banter and interaction is great I really waited for the book to have one of those moments where I anxiously read to get through to the happy parts Again, surprise.what Read it.

    18. Book WormsUnited on said:

      I liked the story of Maddie and Young We met them in the first book and could tell there was some chemistry there Maddie of course has issues that stem back to her childhood with her mother It was ingrained in her not to get into a relationship with a man That they will only disappoint and only wanted one thing anyways But her feelings for Young are different And Young is different It takes these two a while to finally see what is right in front of them, each other Can they hold on to that, or w [...]

    19. Marie Mckenney on said:

      I loved this book I started reading this book and could not put it down I love the prologue which helps understand the rest of the book The interaction of Maddie and Young is awesome It is full of emotions that are happy and sad Also love the other characters which help build on the rest of the book and future books

    20. Tobi on said:

      Just finished this bookWow I kept waitin to finish didn t want it to be over so much was revealedBut now I Cant wait for Conflictede 3rd bookHeather Is a New Author in my FANgirllist she cares what her reads thinkd Listens to what they think and SayLOVE Her On To DANCING HEARTS

    21. Natali on said:

      The book was amazing and characters were too I loved how Maddie and Young learn from each other and how they felt for each other and how Young supports Maddie when she needs him I love how brave Maddie is when it comes down to her mother and coming back from bad things she has to deal withLove this book so much

    22. Jamie on said:

      This series keeps getting better and better This is maddie s and young s story , out of all three there story is my favorite I think it because their personality compliment one another so well we continue to get to know the secondary characters as well in this book.

    23. Laura on said:

      4 starsIf a way of life is programmed in you brain Sometimes it is hard to get over that I am really glad that Madrid has so many good friends that will stick with her through the though times

    24. Alisha Cole on said:

      This is by far my favorite character sooo far Young is a sweet talking asshole and I love his and Maddies story soo much Heather did an amazing job making this story come to life and blow me away I can t wait for Dicks story

    25. Lindsey on said:

      young young young omgeeee if you love a dirty talker you ll love him heather once again kicks ass and makes you fall in love with another amazing book.

    26. Lisa Brooks on said:

      I loved this book so much I didn t want to put it down I felt so drawn to the characters By far a great book Thanks Heather

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