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Kathryn R. Biel

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I'm Still Here

I'm Still Here By Kathryn R. Biel I m Still Here It started out as an ordinary day for Esther Comely Cox if you consider simultaneously totaling your car smashing a Ho Ho in your face and meeting a handsome doctor ordinary Estranged from her famil

  • Title: I'm Still Here
  • Author: Kathryn R. Biel
  • ISBN: 9780991391738
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • I'm Still Here By Kathryn R. Biel It started out as an ordinary day for Esther Comely Cox, if you consider simultaneously totaling your car, smashing a Ho Ho in your face and meeting a handsome doctor ordinary Estranged from her family over her sister s mental illness and death, Esther can t help but feel alone And when Esther hears the voice of her twin sister who committed suicide seven years ago, sheIt started out as an ordinary day for Esther Comely Cox, if you consider simultaneously totaling your car, smashing a Ho Ho in your face and meeting a handsome doctor ordinary Estranged from her family over her sister s mental illness and death, Esther can t help but feel alone And when Esther hears the voice of her twin sister who committed suicide seven years ago, she begins to question her own sanity, leading her to wonder if anything is what it seems Searching for answers, Esther must confront her past while looking towards a new future one in which she is finally accepted Through humor and heartbreak, Esther learns that blood does not mean family, that absence does not make the heart grow fonder and that silence can speak volumes.
    I'm Still Here By Kathryn R. Biel

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      124 Kathryn R. Biel
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    One thought on “I'm Still Here

    1. Kindle Ninja on said:

      Let me start with a warning Author Kathryn Biel pushes you into the abyss of mental illness and gives you Ho Hos and Fritos to break your fall.It s dark It s disturbing It s depressing But it s also hysterical and uproariously funny.If that doesn t mess with your mind, I don t know what will.The Comely clan is so dysfunctional, they make the Bluths and the Tenenbaums look so boringly normal.Esther Comely Cox is quirky in a charming sort of way, but can also be totally unpredictable and can exhib [...]

    2. Myrna on said:

      Some mystery, a swoon worthy hero, and sad family drama make I m Still Here an interesting read.

    3. Becky Monson on said:

      Whew Where do I begin This book was so amazingly good It touched on subjects that I had no experience in, yet I found myself still relating and identifying with Esther The ability for Ms Biel to write about topics that are heavy, but yet interject laugh out loud moments is a sign of true talent to me The twists and turns in this book are truly unpredictable, and Esther s growth as a person throughout the story is remarkable.It s a book about being lost and then found, about the choices we make a [...]

    4. Sue on said:

      Totally loved this book, seriously made me consider the effects of mental illness.

    5. Celia Kennedy on said:

      Having read Jump, Jive and Wail, I picked up this book knowing I was a huge fan of Ms Biels my fandom has now reached epic proportions I m Still Here is an honest and candid glimpse into the life of a dysfunctional family and the lifelong challenges one faces when raised in an environment where love is conditional and people are selfish and helpless at the same time.Esther Comely Cox is a twin, and the youngest child of alternative lifestyle parents, who make hippies look like they have their sh [...]

    6. Glynis Astie on said:

      With a main character named Esther Comely Cox, you know the story is going to be intriguing Esther s journey through life has been challenging to say the least Naming the majority of their children after the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was just the tip of the iceberg of parental cruelty for Cheryl and Dean Comely Esther may have escaped that horror, but being blamed for the disappearance or possible suicide of her beloved twin sister, Aster, has left her with scars that may [...]

    7. Katrina Roets on said:

      It s rare that I rate a book 5 out of 5, but if I had to pick a number for this book, it would be a 6 Why I would say because it touched on so many aspects of my life and did it in a way that I felt as if I knew the characters in the book I am very much estranged from my family, not for the same reasons as Esther, but for reasons not so far off There were times, in the book, where something would happen and I just wanted to hug her and tell her that not everyone thought like that I too deal with [...]

    8. Michelle on said:

      Wow It took me a while to get through this book because the subject matter mental illness is very close to my heart well, and I was moving across the continent at the same time It s not an easy subject to write on, and especially with such grace and humor I appreciated Esther s emotional responses, her trials, her humor The story moved steadily, the rest of the characters were very well written and believable I loved Esther s courage and humor and willingness to not give up This is the second bo [...]

    9. Amy on said:

      I love how this book read well, I like how the author injected the thoughts of the charicters I think a lot of people can identify with having family problems, or problems with our physical beings This book has romance and mystery, love and mental and physical challenges It makes you realize that you can have family that aren t blood related People that surround you in life that support your need to be love and wanted.

    10. Christine Gardner on said:

      I m still here is a story about a strong, feisty woman who grew up without love and acceptance from the people who were supposed to love her the most her family.Edith is the main character She has flaky parents who disowned her, 5 siblings who don t talk to her except for a few on occasion and a twin sister Aster with a mental illness and drug problem who left a suicide note and disappeared 7 years earlier.The onset of Aster s illness and her departure was the catalyst to spin Esther s life out [...]

    11. Erika Eck on said:

      I m Still Here Review Non spoiler 4.5 5 starsAnother amazing book by Katheryn Biel Not only are her storylines solid but there s a message behind her stories that will stay with you I can t wait to read from her I m Still Here follows Esther who, at the very beginning, goes through a traumatic event During which she thinks she hears someone say something to her, which wouldn t be creepy but it just so happens to be someone from her past who died.Although the very beginning starts off serious it [...]

    12. Bev on said:

      First I want to state that this was a free book I rec d thru my Book Bub membership I also want to state that while I rate the books I read on , I don t usually write a review so expect this review to be short I had this book on my Kindle since last March after some rather heavy book club reads was looking for what I term a beach read but with a little substance I read the reviews of it again, read the 1st couple chapters thought it might be a little too lightbut this book is so much than that [...]

    13. Niki on said:

      This book was so good, I read it in one sit Esther sees her self as a lonely person, her twin sister had a mental illness and commits suicide When Esther not really loved by her parents, hear her sisters voice seven years after death she thins she has gone mental too her marriage failed and she never found anyone else She is a social worker with a bad pay, but somehow she manage.When Esther has a accident, she sees a handsome man come to her and she hears a line that only she and her Twin Sister [...]

    14. Antionette on said:

      Esther is this bright red head who is full of so much love even with a shady family She has been shunned by her family for years because her twin sister Aster one day left a note saying she had enough and was sorry but couldn t handle living this way And then she was gone For a few years her parents paid tins of money to try and find her Her body was never recovered And because she wanted her family to heal, she demanded the searches stop The mediums All of it That they except that she had died [...]

    15. Joan on said:

      I d be interested in knowing how old the author was when she wrote this book The plot was well developed, the characters were also pretty well fleshed out, and the writing style was smooth in some respects however, the language use was very juvenile sounding in places and there were significant and numerous grammar and structural errors that should have been edited out She used wrong case pronouns and wrong tense verbs repeatedly, and misplaced modifiers contributed to several awkward sentence s [...]

    16. Connie Davis on said:

      I loved this book I was actually sad when I finished it I wanted to read about Esther and Aster, and watch them grow old together My late mother in law was bipolar so I have an understanding of the disease, and have heard stories of my husband and his brother dealing with their mom, as teens, before she was diagnosed My heart broke for Esther dealing with her family it reminded me of my own family drama I wanted them to resolve some of the issues, and a part of me imagines them doing so even th [...]

    17. Heather Balog on said:

      4.5 stars Wow This book certainly was not what I was expecting I m not sure what I thought this book was going to do to me, but it certainly wasn t supposed to reduce me to tears These characters were so spot on and so fleshed out, I felt like they were people I knew personally And in a way, they were I absolutely loved Esther and could see her perfectly in my mind Some of the topics in this book were ones I have experienced in my own family and as sad as it can make you feel, it was heartwarmin [...]

    18. Jenna P on said:

      Fascinating, well done and had me keep readingCharacter development was great Felt like I understood each one The main character s parents were pieces of work I got invested in finding out what was next for her, and was shattered when things went bad to worse, interspersed with good times I liked the prose and senses of humor enough to want to read of her books As someone who has friends and relatives with a mental illness I appreciated her take on things.

    19. Hilary Grossman on said:

      I m Still Here caught my attention immediately and held it until the very last page This book was very difficult to put down, and if I had time I could have easily read it in one day I truly loved this story There was so much to it There were moments where I gasped, wanted to punch a character or two, laughed, and cried.

    20. Deb on said:

      I liked everything about this book It made me laugh out loud in a couple of places, and had me in tears a few times Thoroughly enjoyed it although the few minor typos distracted me just a bit.

    21. Celeste Martine on said:

      Really amazing book This delightful read kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire duration I ve read it on my kindle and on my phone just so I wouldn t have to stop when one would die Highly recommended

    22. Clarissa on said:

      I quite literally could not put this book down It had the right amount of humor, sadness and oh my gosh that one would expect for this type of story.

    23. Sarah on said:

      Couldn t Put It Down Now I have to go to work tomorrow on three hours of sleep Thanks a lot Kathryn.

    24. Pam on said:

      I m Still Here is by Kathryn R Biel It is an excellent book and one that makes you want to keep reading even when you should be sleeping There is no sleeping with this one It deals with mental illness, rehabilitation therapy, dysfunctional families, forgiveness, and true love The characters are very realistic and there are enough twists in the plot to make you wonder all the way through I highly recommend this book Esther Comely Cox was a social worker She decided to work in this field because s [...]

    25. Little Bee on said:

      I won this book in a Giveaway This is my honest review.There will be a minor spoiler at the end of this review Just throwing it out there I was super excited when I found out that I had won this book It is one book that I truly wanted and wanted badly The whole premise just sounded spot on Kathryn Biel delivered.Esther has this sense of humor that is completely relatable I enjoyed every interaction she had with Kingston Their banter was spot on My heart broke for Esther having a family that didn [...]

    26. Jane on said:

      3 1 2 stars Just can t give it 4, sorry.I m not exactly sure why, but I couldn t put this book down It might have been that I wanted to see where the author was going with the plot, or to explain the urgency with which she told Esther s story, or maybe just to finish it so I could move on to a book that didn t make me angry Yes, the story made me a bit angry Here s why 1 The main character, Esther, had a horrible family, especially her hippy dippy parents I really wanted to smack them On top of [...]

    27. Nancy Pennick on said:

      Esther Comely Cox has many strikes against her First, there s her wild red hair She feels her last name sounds like a porn star which her mother made her hyphenate after she married Finally, she s on her own, estranged from her family and now divorced The story starts with a car accident and that s how Esther meets Dr O K Cole By his nickname, you can see there will be misunderstandings Esther is used to fending for herself and resists the help of the doctor She finally confesses to having a mes [...]

    28. Elizabeth Ray on said:

      This story has a little bit of family drama, a little bit of romance, and a chick lit like main character This was my first book by Biel, although I have had another one of her books on my Kindle for quite a while Once I finished this book, I RACED to start the second by her This book is about Esther Comely Cox She was raised by total hippies and is one of seven siblings Her twin sister, Aster, was always the star and the favorite of the family That hasn t changed even though she s been missing [...]

    29. Charlotte Lynn on said:

      While the romance in I m Still Here was entertaining, I found this to be a truly heartbreaking story It is the story of a woman who is estranged from her whole family and blamed for her twin sister s disappearance or suicide depending on who you talk to Her sisters, brothers, and parents all blame her and refuse to have a relationship with her I loved Esther She is one of the strongest characters I have met I wanted to be her sister, co worker, and friend She managed to stand up for what she bel [...]

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