Jacob, King of Portalia

Casey Clubb

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Jacob, King of Portalia

Jacob, King of Portalia By Casey Clubb Jacob King of Portalia Jacob is the only one who can protect us all from a vengeful lunatic But Jacob s a tiny sixth grader who s scared of his own shadow And his only known talent is hiding A misfit in his own home a boy

  • Title: Jacob, King of Portalia
  • Author: Casey Clubb
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: ebook
  • Jacob, King of Portalia By Casey Clubb Jacob is the only one who can protect us all from a vengeful lunatic But Jacob s a tiny sixth grader who s scared of his own shadow And his only known talent is hiding A misfit in his own home, a boy out of place in his own skin, Jacob has been hiding all his life in his head, or behind his only friend His kind of different just isn t accepted He thought hiding wouldJacob is the only one who can protect us all from a vengeful lunatic But Jacob s a tiny sixth grader who s scared of his own shadow And his only known talent is hiding A misfit in his own home, a boy out of place in his own skin, Jacob has been hiding all his life in his head, or behind his only friend His kind of different just isn t accepted He thought hiding would keep him safe But he was wrong For Jacob s hiding has buried than one truth, than one secret Including a destiny and a duty that are his to fulfill And a powerful talent One that could doom his people Or save them if he can find the courage to stop hiding from the thing that terrifies him the most the truth about who he is A boy who likes boys A boy with a destiny foretold in an ancient legend A boy whose love could save us all.
    Jacob, King of Portalia By Casey Clubb

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      362 Casey Clubb
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    One thought on “Jacob, King of Portalia

    1. Jillyn on said:

      I am not sure I have enough words in my vocabulary to explain to you how much I loved this book, but I will try my hardest In case you don t want to read my fangirling that will follow this introduction paragraph, here s the nutshell version I loved this book to all of Portalia s moons and back and you should buy it and read it immediately.When I was contacted to read this book, I was curious I am a huge, huge fan of LGBT literature, being a member of the community myself Then I read that it was [...]

    2. Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews on said:

      4 1 2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsClick the link to take part in the Jacob, King of Portalia giveaway ends 19th September 2014 As Jacob celebrates his twelfth birthday his secret path is about to be revealed, the heritage that has been hidden from him is about to erupt before him and he will have to be brave to face the challenges before him Jacob has to face the truth about himself and admit to his best friend his secret if he is to keep the love that he discovers.Jacob, King o [...]

    3. Kelly on said:

      You had me at LGBT Fantasy Full disclosure I received a free e copy for review from the publisher Eleven year old Jacob Prios is a dreamer He kind of has to be, when real life holds so much potential for unhappiness Jacob wants to be an accomplished and famous intergalactic musician even though he s completely lacking in talent, no matter how much time he devotes to practicing the violin just like his father Prantos, who died under mysterious circumstances when Jacob was only four years old Now [...]

    4. Tex Reader on said:

      4.0 of 5 stars Light, Entertaining Fantasy of a Gay Tween I m excited to have won this as a First Read so thanks, Casey I m a fan of gay YA, coming of age coming out, but I hadn t read tween and have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it a good start to the trilogy.Casey Clubb took me back to those times, capturing well how a tween still might have the dreams, imagination, and trust of a child, but also have some of the questions, teenage angst, self doubts about talents, looks, or being loved, an [...]

    5. Tonja Drecker on said:

      Jacob has it rough as a kid Not only did his musician father die eight years before, but his mom and step dad are bound determined to toughen him up To do that, they ve decided to take away one of the last reminders he has of his father, his tree house It s not really the tree house they re targeting, but rather the alone time he spends there with his best and only friend, Sammy Jacob is not only soft , but has an obvious interest in boys His parents aren t comfortable with this, and Jacob knows [...]

    6. Agustina Gonzalez on said:

      I was approved from Netgalley for an honest review.Rating 4 5 StarsAll Jacob wants is to blend in at school, and hide his huge secret from his family and friends Especially from Sammy, he cares so much for him to destroy their friendship That s until a mysteriously portal appears on Jacob s birthday A portal that could take him to a new land, where his father was born and where he was king Jacob is not only amaze of his father s royalty heritage, but also to found out that he is the next rightfu [...]

    7. Sara Beary on said:

      All Jacob wants is to blend in, play in the orchestra, and not to have his secret found out For the last several years he and his best friend Sammy have spent his birthday weekend in the clubhouse his father built This year whilst playing a new song for Sammy something strange happened A portal to another land appeared, the land where Jacobs father was from Where he was also king and now as his father has died Jacob must take over the kingship from his uncle Simple enough right I really enjoy th [...]

    8. Kj Partridge on said:

      What if you found out your treehouse was a portal to another world To top that you have a secret you are afraid everyone will find out and not want to be around you any Meet Jacob who is about to embark on an awesome and horrifying adventure, to meet a legacy his father has left him A six grader who is scared by most things Join him on his adventure to see what it is all about, it will be the best time of your life I truly enjoyed this book, I so wanted to wrap my arms around Jacob soooo many ti [...]

    9. Dana on said:

      Totally fabulous YA fantasy I received this book free to review from Netgalley As a coming of age story, this book is about a young boy facing his fears and discovering his strengths As a fantasy, it is about a world in a parallel universe that Jacob accidentally opens a portal to and learns that he is heir to the throne Only he has the power to save that world and earth from evil beings As a book about LGBT, it is about a young boy who, like many, is afraid of what other people will think if th [...]

    10. Eliot on said:

      I m not quite sure how I m supposed to say how much I loved this book Jacob is a character who shares a lot of traits with me and the fear of coming out is something I went through recently too The book is an lgbt fantasy story, a genre I haven t read before but definitely will again.I read it in three hours, and am on edge waiting for the sequel simply from how the book was written Casey Clubb has a flowing writing style, with enough description to set you on the right path of what Jacob is see [...]

    11. Lexi Wings on said:

      Received copy by publisher in exchange of an honest review A Magical Read There are stories waiting to be read, to open a book is like opening a magical portal And to explore is to engage in a voyage of never ending possibilities, like Jacob, King of Portalia The story is rich and creative The Journey of Jacob is full of adventure and exiting twist Casey Clubb, will dazzle readers with her story telling

    12. Eva on said:

      Thoroughly and completely enjoyed this transgender YA novel Wonderfully written with well developed characters Fast paced and quick witted, I loved the parallel universe and fantasy Highly Recommend.

    13. Paige Ellen Stone on said:

      Full disclosure I was asked to review this book I was skeptical because it is a book for the YA demographic, and I am 64 I believe this book has much to entertain and teach people of all ages It is a great adventure It is a great coming of age story the best I ve read since Ray Bradbury s, Dandelion Wine.It s no surprise that we begin with Jacob, a small, about to turn 12, wimpish boy, being bullied in school He has a friend, Sammie, who does stick up for him However, on this day, Friday, Jacob [...]

    14. Faye on said:

      I just never expected to love this book It was a different kind of read for me but when the opportunity to read this book was given to me I thought, why not give it a try This story captivated me so much Not to mention the world building especially Portalia Plus did I mention that there are dragons, unicorns, werewolf, eagles something to be said about this they are not ordinary eagles , and a lot of other things as well.Jacob is a fascinating character I really felt for him, for his fears espec [...]

    15. Christopher Bailey on said:

      The cover of this novel caught my attention as I was browsing and I ordered a copy I read it cover to cover in just a couple of hours Not only is it not a difficult read, making it perfect for the younger teen readers, but it was a great story Light enough in nature to be perfect for younger audience, enough complexity to keep older readers interested As a side note, there isn t any profanity or obscenity in the entire book, something that is getting harder and harder to find these days.Relatabl [...]

    16. Valen on said:

      Could not find a copy to purchase ANYWHERE but borrowed a friend s kindle for two hours and read it with nothing but joy and hope Loved it so much

    17. Stephanie Tiner on said:

      A unique adventure that holds your interest until the last page I won a copy of this book on First Reads.

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