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Hot Hands

Hot Hands By Erica Pike Hot Hands For weeks college student Casper has been the victim of sail by goosing and groping The problem is that Casper would very much like to get than groped by those wonderful big hot hands With a journa

  • Title: Hot Hands
  • Author: Erica Pike
  • ISBN: 9789935915405
  • Page: 458
  • Format: ebook
  • Hot Hands By Erica Pike For weeks, college student Casper has been the victim of sail by goosing and groping The problem is that Casper would very much like to get than groped by those wonderful, big, hot hands With a journal full of clues, he sets out to discover who his mystery groper is He may, however, be in serious trouble once he discovers the ominous identity.Hot Hands is the firstFor weeks, college student Casper has been the victim of sail by goosing and groping The problem is that Casper would very much like to get than groped by those wonderful, big, hot hands With a journal full of clues, he sets out to discover who his mystery groper is He may, however, be in serious trouble once he discovers the ominous identity.Hot Hands is the first of five in a series of short stories, called College Fun and Gays Each story is independent of the others and each covers a deep issue Hot Hands focuses on the effects of high school bullying for being gay Except for Hot Hands and its sequel, Cold Hands, they can be read in any order.This title was previously published with a different cover.
    Hot Hands By Erica Pike

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      458 Erica Pike
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    One thought on “Hot Hands

    1. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) on said:

      Curse you Erika Pike for coming up with such a HOT short and then ending it like that I could have read 300 pages of this I wanted so much moooooorrrrreeeee This would have been even stars if this was a full length book I loved the hot hot sex and the story behind it My first work by Ms Pike and if this is what she is capable of WOW

    2. Erica Pike on said:

      This title is now free The sequel, Cold Hands, will be out shortly.About the bullying For those interested, a lot of the emotions on being bullied come from my own feelings and experiences Although it happened years ago, I still have a hard time looking into my tormentors faces The effects of bullying puts a permanent mark on the victim s soul, so while one may be able to forgive, it s impossible to forget Owning up to bullying, no matter how much time has passed, can do a lot to help the victim [...]

    3. Tailtiu on said:

      Really Caspar lets himself be blindfolded and bound to have sex for the first time with an unknown guy who he suspects was his tormentor in highschool where he was bullied and tried to attempt suicide than once because of him and his friends and this is, by most readers, rated as a cute and funny storywhat do I miss here

    4. Exina on said:

      Such a sweet story Casper is a college student lately has been groping in a very enjoyable way He never manages to catch Hot Hands , so he starts a journal, collects clues and tries to figure out who his elusive groper is As the story progresses, you get to know Casper and his painful high school years through his perceptive and funny narrative.Hot Hands soon becomes bolder and bolder that results in really hot, blindfolded moments.A warm, strong body looms over me, pressing down on my side The [...]

    5. Tana on said:

      I really enjoyed this short story it was a quick read the wrting was good the author made it quite enjoyable The book touched on the subject of being bullied how it affected Casper but also how it was for the tormentor who had those exact same feeling but handled it in a very different way Being in the closet at a young age Jamie made some horrible choices view spoiler I would love to read about Casper and Jamie to see if they could get past their history Who doesn t love a happy ending though [...]

    6. Cole Riann on said:

      Review posted at Brief Encounters Reviews.Casper, like so many kids gone off to college, finally feels free to be himself for the first time in his life After spending his years in High School being constantly bullied by the same group of guys, he still finds it hard to come out to people, or open himself up in any way As a consequence, he remains a virgin and hasn t yet gone on any dates Then, a man with large, confident hands begins to grope him in public, always finding a way to sneak away be [...]

    7. Angelica Dawson on said:

      I had a lot of trouble believing this story The hot groping in halls, fine, the blindfolded session, sure But your first time And after suspecting it s one of your tormentors Then worse is Hot Hands staying in him while discussing the possibility I mean, how could he just lay there and keep taking it Didn t seem believable to me I m not one to jump into m m, so I worried that was tainting my experience of the piece, but then I realized that if Cass had been Cassandra who was tormented for being [...]

    8. Anna on said:

      4.5 stars I loved this so much I just wish it had a few pages, because I feel like it ends kind of abruptly view spoiler It had me guessing until Casper and Jaime had sex and Cass thought it was Mike, but I knew then that it was Jaime I wished it was Jaime, haha But anyways, like I said, I really wanted to read about their talk after class We got to see them interact during sex, while Cass didn t know it was Jaime, but I would like to see how they get along beside that, especially now that Cass [...]

    9. Jenn on said:

      Super sweet, sexy, and quick read The MC has a Secret Admirer and spends the story trying to guess who it is from 3 or possibilities I guessed who Hot Hands was as soon as we met his character, but I didn t care because I wanted it to be him anyways It hit all my buttons that a short should, and I hope to read about this couple I now want to read from this author.

    10. Tami (synchro from BL) on said:

      Short smexy read but with major pet peeves It was well written But for me the whole former bully turned into mysterious kinky lover didn t work at all I might have overlooked the sloppy handling of this as a plot device until attempted suicide came into play Until this point bullying could have been making fun of, pushing around a bit in no way okay But given that the bullying led to a suicide attempt, I cannot in any way understand how this was forgiven so fast and not been of an issue I assum [...]

    11. JustJen "Miss Conduct" on said:

      This was a cute, fast and easy read I found it a tad unrealistic that a young college guy would just allow basically a stranger to do the things Casper experienced, especially after Casper figures out who Hot Hands is It is almost too short to really get a good feel for any of the characters involved, but it was definitely an enjoyable quickie.

    12. Chris on said:

      3.5 stars Good short m m romance about a college student who keeps getting groped in the halls, but can t figure out who s the culprit.

    13. Lucy on said:

      Reviewed for heartsonfirereviewsThis short story has a bit of mystery, a bit of light bondage, a bit of angst and quite a bit of funny Casper is a college student who was viciously harassed and bullied for his sexuality in high school after being outed by his then best friend It has hurt him deeply, and he s a bit shy and untrusting of going after the men he wants He is now in college, where he has a best friend who completely accepts and support him Joey He s confident, outgoing and starting [...]

    14. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* on said:

      This was exactly the type of book I was looking for It s quick, cute, amusing and definitely hot Casper is a young college student that s been getting groped by a stranger he s dubbed Hot Hands While Casper s never been able to catch Hot Hands, he s kept a detailed journal on all his encounters with the mysterious man He s a mini detective out to find the man who s hands he wants on than just his bum What follows is a cute, but intense, story that makes Casper not only better come to terms with [...]

    15. Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey) on said:

      I relieved this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.This was a lightning fast read, but frankly something I need that It s like ordering an espresso So what to say about this novella I think the biggest thing I could mention is that this story is based around being bullied And I think it is an important topic to discuss When I started reading this book I thought it was kind of cheeky, lol But in the end, I thought that the message was powerful More than anything view spoiler [...]

    16. Valentina Heart on said:

      This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there HOT HANDS is my first story by Erica Pike but it certainly won t be the last It s only a few pages long, but she still managed to strung me out emotionally, make me grin with satisfaction and forced me to scroll down frantically when I reached that last page.Casper has been having a problem only he s not quite sure if it s even a problem Someone has been groping him, in lines, before class What started as casu [...]

    17. Breann on said:

      3.5 starsSuper fun, sexy little read It was a tad too unrealistic for me to bump it up to 4 stars But I did like the mystery surrounding who Casper s elusive Hot Hands was that kept groping him in the dark I loved the ending Who knew There can be some twists mixed in with some good smut But, of course, I would have liked a little bit And by a little bit I mean a lot There was barely a HFN but, still, a cute HFN Definitely worth the read for a freebie and only 24 pages.

    18. Adriana on said:

      I liked this short story view spoiler I m glad that it doesn t have an apparent HEA.If I were Cass, I don t think I could forgive Jaime and Mike, the ending of the story give us the oportunity to imagine if they become a couple or not but I think sweet Cass is gonna take a chance with Jaime hide spoiler

    19. SheReadsALot on said:

      Oh, I liked this short a lot I wished there was to it I think the mystery as to who is stalking Casper was great without, ruining the ending, I enjoyed who it was at the end Great job, Erica.

    20. Camille on said:

      Surprisingly goodought it was just going to be a trite little short But this had texture, it was sexy, emotional and movingenjoyed

    21. Penumbra on said:

      Hot Hands is a short story about college student Casper who happens to have a stalker, that Casper has named Hot Hands , who gropes him This is told in first person through Casper s eyes view spoiler I m going to say right off the bat that I have a very different opinion about this story than most of the other reviewers I ve read other books by this author and I ve liked them, but this was a no A very definite no.Many reviewers said this book was hot and interesting, I found it creepy If there w [...]

    22. DarienMoya on said:

      Erica Pike is becoming a new fave author of mine I love her writing style, and the stories she writes with such awesmazing characters After reading A Life Without You, I knew that I couldn t hold off on reading Hot Hands It s such a darn shame it wasn t longer, because those few pages made my heart feel super happy.Some stranger is groping Casper, and he is on a mission to find the culprit The mission is harder than he imagined because it could be anybody, when so many students surround him Casp [...]

    23. Sandra on said:

      GAH, that was so freaken good but I m tempted to bump it down a star for not having ONE MORE chapter view spoiler Obviously, if Jaime really felt so bad about tormenting Casper in high school, and was really in love with him, he should have talked to him and begged forgiveness and then maybe tried to build a tentative friendship and THEN try to progress to lovers not start groping him in the shadows BUT, it was cute and funny and sweet and sad and I loved every second of it hide spoiler A couple [...]

    24. Heller on said:

      Casper is being groped at school and he wants to know who is doing it He s started a journal where he details the little things time, places, level of gropage hoping that gathering evidence will help him indentify the mystery man I found this a pretty amusing read but I didn t like the level of trust he put in Hot Hands , his groper This is definitely an interesting set up though I ll be checking out the direct sequel Cold Hands plus the other related college books in the series.

    25. Sadonna on said:

      3.5 I really enjoyed this short story about a young man who has gone off to college and begins to experience a new life as himself In high school, Casper was outed and subsequently bullied somewhat relentlessly At college he feels free enough to not hide himself and he finds himself to be the object of some public groping and he sets out to discover the culprit, I don t want to spoil the story so I won t say any about the road to discovery I will say that the ending was both satisfying and a itt [...]

    26. Anke on said:

      4.5 Another great find Thank you Mrs Pike for a very nice and different kind of story The writing was very good we got to feel with Casper during his search especially towards the end I m certainly looking forward to the other stories in this series.

    27. Lauren on said:

      This was a cute little read that I really enjoyed, but it probably could have benefited from being a bit longer I particularly liked the ending even if I did see that coming and would definitely have liked to see what happens next.

    28. Susan on said:

      I enjoyed this short story about Casper and his mystery admirer but it was a little short for me I felt like the story came to an end just as the real story was beginning for Casper and I really wanted to know how things progressed from there.

    29. Makhda on said:

      That was freaking awesome Too bad it s too short I want to see a lot of groveling in here And guess what It s FREE I m off to book 6 Ciao smashwords books view

    30. Shelby on said:

      I may be a little biased here as a hopeless romantic, but this isn t my idea of the best way to have your first time Other than that though this is a cute little read I loved Casper s referring to his unknown stalker as Hot Hands, so cute Casper was bullied a lot in high school for being gay and those memories are still very much with him But he s off in college now and he is bound and determined to lose his virginity He wants a real boyfriend and everything that goes with it Now Mr Hot Hands ha [...]

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