The Wedding Trap

Adrienne Bell

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The Wedding Trap

The Wedding Trap By Adrienne Bell The Wedding Trap Beth Bradley has a problem Everyone is expecting her successful music executive boyfriend Charlie to be her date for her best friend s wedding There s one hitch Charlie doesn t exist Unless she can

  • Title: The Wedding Trap
  • Author: Adrienne Bell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Wedding Trap By Adrienne Bell Beth Bradley has a problem Everyone is expecting her successful music executive boyfriend, Charlie, to be her date for her best friend s wedding There s one hitch Charlie doesn t exist Unless she can think of something fast, she s headed for the most humiliating weekend of her life.Alex Tanner has a problem The former Navy SEAL s search for a double agent lands him atBeth Bradley has a problem Everyone is expecting her successful music executive boyfriend, Charlie, to be her date for her best friend s wedding There s one hitch Charlie doesn t exist Unless she can think of something fast, she s headed for the most humiliating weekend of her life.Alex Tanner has a problem The former Navy SEAL s search for a double agent lands him at the Kensington Hotel, and he needs a cover to finish the job When the sexy maid of honor blackmails him into pretending to be her lover, he thinks he s been handed the solution.Except Beth has a way of stumbling into trouble, and when the man Alex is hunting starts targeting Beth, Alex has to decide between duty and the woman who has stolen his heart.
    The Wedding Trap By Adrienne Bell

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      265 Adrienne Bell
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    One thought on “The Wedding Trap

    1. Tami (synchro from BL) on said:

      This was an entertaining and enjoyable read.The plot was not exactly original, as is not rare with romance novels, but the execution was good.The heroine was very likable, she had personality and was not your usual beauty queen damsel in distress with emerald violet blahblah eyes.She was a regular girl, who feels like she has a few pounds too many on her hips and doesn t feel like she is anything special.And here it is not a cheap plot trick she doesn t turn out to be a beauty in disguise or los [...]

    2. Anita on said:

      Adrienne Bell is an absolute master with the short novel novella format She packs everything that is needed, and nothing that isn t, into her books I just love her Romance, suspense, humor are all there in The Wedding Trap and the plot is just a wonderful Fake Boyfriend Girlfriend Fianc Fianc e Romance troupe Bell takes a clich d plot premise and turns it into a very entertaining book Beth Bradley is the maid of honor for her best friend Isobel and the wedding weekend is looking like a train wre [...]

    3. Shannon Gorilla McGee Winston on said:

      The Wedding Trap hit a bunch of sweet spots for me It had a little suspense, a little steam, a heroine that was likable and it had humor I love when a story makes me chuckle There s nothing too slap stick about the humor it s mostly dry observations that the heroine makes about the absurdity of the situation in which she finds herself.When attendees of Isobel s wedding aren t swallowing that Alex is Beth s boyfriend Charlie , the rumors start swirling, much to Beth s mortification, that Charlie [...]

    4. Debbie Oxier on said:

      This was a fast paced, highly entertaining romantic suspense Isobel was getting married Her best friend, Beth, was her maid of honor, who just happened to be without a date for the wedding So she did what she always did in a pinch She called upon her imaginary boyfriend to help her out of a jam This time, record executive, Charlie , was away on business, scouting out a new band, so wasn t able to attend with Beth Unfortunately, no one really believed her Not her parents who were always hassling [...]

    5. Jeynna ( The Romance Junkie) on said:

      4 starsYAY after a long break from reading, I finally have time to read this short novella by Adrienne Bell It was good,sweet,funny and a little bit of action I loved it, but there s one part that did bothered me a bit, it s not much and it s only my personal opinion but view spoiler Beth dropped the L word after meeting Alex in like a day, 2 days and I m like okay huh Is that even possible hide spoiler But, that didn t deter me from reading this book It s definitely recommended for those who ar [...]

    6. UltraMeital on said:

      Such a sweet novella had a great time reading this one It was short but somehow it was a well developed love story So much was happening you could kinda forget that the whole novella and the love story lasted about 3 days I admit I was a bit surprised when the L word was said, after all, 3 days But you know what with all the action and the drama I think it was kinda fitting Beth is attending her best friend Isabel wedding After her bad break up with the brother of Isabel s soon to be husband, Be [...]

    7. Melody Cox on said:

      Rating 4.5 Stars The Wedding Trap Second Service Book 1 There are times I need to de stress and unwind with a book that has minimal angst and no man whores Well, I hit pay dirt on this one It was a quick easy read and if there is one word I could use to describe this story it s Devoted There was absolutely NO the couple is together the couple is apart, the ex comes back into the picture, heart is pounding thinking he is going to go back to man whore ways just because there was a disagreement and [...]

    8. Heather andrews on said:

      I almost died pi ing myself laughing in this book and I loved Alex, you re the most unusual blackmailer I ve ever dealt with He let his grip on her hand linger Beth that girl just speaks what is in her thoughts, there s a real tub, Charlie One of those claw footed ones I ve always wanted to have a bath in one of those She gave him a guilty smile, like she didn t like the thought that she could be bought with the promise of a nice hot soak Always He leaned on the door jamb next to her He had to a [...]

    9. Janeiowa on said:

      I ve not read anything by Ms Bell before, but I loved this romantic suspense story The main female character was quirky, believable, and lovable The other characters were also believable The suspense element blended in beautifully with the romantic storyline, and didn t seem to be an add on as sometimes seems to be the case.I ll be looking for novels by Ms Bell.

    10. Christine on said:

      I downloaded this as a freebie I say that because, from experience, free is not always a good thing Fortunately, that wasn t the case with this book Plot is a little sketchy heroine makes up fake boyfriend and asks the hero, who happens to be undercover CIA agent, to help out Despite that, the story is cute, the characters likeable My only complaint, and this can easily be ignored, is the fact that they traded I love you s after only a few days of knowing each other However this happens toward t [...]

    11. Trish R. on said:

      He is described as hot and gorgeous She s described as not short skirt gorgeous WTH does that mean That she s got such fat legs that she would look like hell in a short skirt And she s described as strangely attractive I don t get why the heroine is made to sound like she s overweight and odd looking and he sounds like an Adonis.Here s something I found on Facebook When I ve had too much reality I open a book And that s exactly how I feel I m fat and nothing to look at so when I read I don t wan [...]

    12. Linda on said:

      Arc copy provided via Netgalley Fun quick read Beth Bradley is at the Kensington hotel for her best freinds wedding and everybody wants to meet her boyfriend Charlie , including her arrogant ass of an x boyfriend Spencer, but Charlie really does not exist and itis getting difficult by the minute to convection everyone that Charlie is away on business Fate intervenes when she catches a very , very sexy man breaking into Spencer s car Which she calls him on then uses to blackmail him to play her [...]

    13. Twist on said:

      For a short read, this was very good I think the author did a very good job of helping us get to know the characters Yeah, it isn t in depth It isn t a character study But it was funny and scary and sweet and sexy, and I was left feeling good about the ending I would definitely recommend this to others Just don t expect a book like The Bourne Identity or anything Much less complicated, but still worth the read I stand by my earlier review This book is well written, and is a complete story I didn [...]

    14. booknerd_dork on said:

      I got it on , it is a freebie The synopsis got me to put it on by tbr list I m glad I did, it was a fun read, with humor.It was a good read and worth the time Must read.

    15. ✨ Husnah ✨ on said:

      3.5 Stars The Wedding Trap was an enjoyable read I would have appreciated a little depth on the characters, especially Alex.Beth Bradley is attending her best friend Isobel s wedding where everyone is expecting to meet her boyfriend Charlie Fun fact, Charlie does not exist He was merely created so that Beth could get her families off her back To make the lie believable, Charlie was away on business so he wouldn t be able to attend the wedding But no one believe her, especially the best man, wh [...]

    16. Danielle on said:

      Beth has a problem She told a small white lie which has got out of hand She s at her best friends wedding dateless even though she suppose to have the perfect man but Charlie is made up Now her unbearable mother and ex boyfriend are giving her grief Alex is undercover trying to get information about the bride s uncle He isn t a guest at the wedding, but he needs to stay close Beth stumbles into his lap and offers him a blackmail deal that couldn t have worked out better for him Charlie is about [...]

    17. Sarah on said:

      I normally wouldn t have read this book, but a friend was visiting and was talking about the great deals on free Kindle books and this one sounded too bad in an entertaining way to pass up Parts of this were really enjoyable I powered through most of it in two nights.A girl stumbles upon a deal between a drug lord and a crooked government agent at her friend s wedding and ends up falling for the CIA agent assigned to protect her, which, depending on the execution can be wonderful or awful This w [...]

    18. Nicole P on said:

      A quick and easy read with an annoying female MC who didn t have a backbone and was far too complacent for my liking Love the fake bf gf trope but this fell slightly short with the punch it could have packed But this was perfect for something light and easy.

    19. Aphrodite on said:

      Sweet with actionA neurotic heroine and an undercover agent do not sound like a well matched couple but they are indeed Light read

    20. Jill on said:

      Cute, funny, fast and good banter between these two Just what I needed right now

    21. Lesley Book Lover on said:

      Really enjoyed this book, it was much better than expected, it was easy to read and addictive, I couldn t put it down The Characters had chemistry, the book was well written, would definitely read by this author.

    22. Jessica on said:

      Other than the guy on the front cover being an exceedingly poor choice for a cover model I don t think i have a single bad thing to say about this book Finally one I can actually give a good rating Heroine I adored her While she wasn t my favorite type of heroine she was tough enough to make me happy, smart enough to make me like her, and neurotic enough to make me relate to her and keep me laughing I loved that she wasn t your typical beauty queen heroine but i also appreciated that she didn t [...]

    23. LuvLaw on said:

      This Book Is so kool, a very very quick read D its sweet, romantic and easy for your brains DAlex Tanner Beth Bradley So basically this story starts where, Beth s friend is getting married And she doesn t have a date OOOOOOShe meets Alex trying to get into her ex bf s car, she blackmails him and gets him to pretend to be her bfCharlie Now Alex is a CIA Agent and is under a mission, for what you have to read the book DAlex protects Beth to the end of the earth, when her life is in danger He stand [...]

    24. Jen_C on said:

      4 1 2 stars rounded up What a great little find this was I enjoyed the laughter brought on by the dialogue and funny situations and also the action and suspense It was a really short time frame but worth suspending reality a bit I loved the scene where she enjoys her cheeseburger There were just a couple minor editing errors that were not really distracting I liked how Alex saved the day , but Beth found her strength being with him and saved herself as well.Favorite quotes You just let us know i [...]

    25. Judy on said:

      When I saw this cover on Netgalley recently, I just had to take a look Then once I saw that this was a case of pretending to be someone else and at a wedding no less, throw in the undercover business and I was sold It sounded like there would be plenty of opportunities for laughs.Beth Bradley is the Maid of Honor and Best Friend to the Bride at the wedding Her ex boyfriend is the brother and Best Man to the Groom So after their break up, when he started serial dating again, she pulled out Charli [...]

    26. Christina Montminy on said:

      This was a great story, even though is was a short read only 110 pages The story of Beth Alex was one of danger, suspense romance Alex Beth meet at a hotel where her best friend is getting married that weekend He s looking for a traitor who s selling of important information to dangerous people who just happen to be related to the bride , she s being maid of honor for her best friend They meet when Beth catches Alex breaking into her ex s car, thinking he s a thief she blackmails him into playin [...]

    27. CD Boulder Blvd on said:

      I had a hard time rating this one The plot is a little cheesy and some events definitely require the ability to suspend disbelief Once that is done, the writing keeps you engaged and the plot moves along There are a few grammar issues Lots of fragmented sentences Or should I say There are a lot of fragmented sentences Another round of editing should catch and correct The author s synopsis of the book s plot is an accurate summary I won t repeat.This is a romance with insta love insta lust which [...]

    28. Cherna on said:

      This book started out in a way I did not like After a few paragraphs I thought it was going to be a clich story with a not so smart heroine that talked too much, had a dislike of her mom and complained about non real problems Then it started to get better I needed some time to get used to the open hearted heroine, Beth, but then I was sold She was vivid, a tad naive but not too stupid to live well mostly Sharing a hotel room with a stranger usually is a bad idea But it worked in this story I bou [...]

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