Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2

Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪 みずほ

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Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2

Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2 By Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪 みずほ Yona The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn Aku benci rambut merahku Tapi saat Suwon bilang rambutku seindah langit fajar aku langsung menyukai rambutku Semua tentang Suwon tidak akan bisa hilang dari diri Yona hingga peristiwa tragis merenggu

  • Title: Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2
  • Author: Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪 みずほ
  • ISBN: 9786022103226
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2 By Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪 みずほ Aku benci rambut merahku.Tapi saat Suwon bilang rambutku seindah langit fajar,aku langsung menyukai rambutku.Semua tentang Suwon tidak akan bisa hilang dari diri Yona, hingga peristiwa tragis merenggut semuanya Suwon membunuh ayahnya Kabur dari istana, Yona menyembuhkan luka hatinya di desa Fuga, kampung halaman Haku.Tapi masalah baru menghadangnya di sana
    Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2 By Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪 みずほ

    • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ✓ Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2 : by Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪 みずほ ✓
      330 Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪 みずほ
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Free Read ✓ Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2 : by Mizuho Kusanagi 草凪 みずほ ✓
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    One thought on “Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2

    1. MrsNightRead on said:

      Still can t get over the beautiful artwork and FREAKING HAK

    2. Rema on said:

      The artwork is as beautiful as ever and Hak is just magnificent His fighting skills are just breathtaking and the scenes that feature his fighting are just perfect Things moved pretty fast in this novel Fuuga is a cozy place and the wind tribe were a happy lot It s interesting to see the place Hak grew up in Yona gets out of the funk she s in and develops the fire in her eyes that she becomes so well known for later on Finally, Yona and Hak embark on their journey but immediately run into troubl [...]

    3. Jhaniel on said:

      Once again I reiterate that I am actually caught up in the manga so I am a bit biased when I go back to declare these first chapters 5star they aren t as good as chapters that come later, so I m being overgenerous in light of what s to come Still, the character work here is very solid and is important foundation setting for our characters and our plot, and this whole story is so well told, I cannot begrudge it that perfect rating Go read Yona You ll thank me.

    4. Amanda Kern on said:

      CoolThis is an awesome series I buy it to support the author for I wish manga would officially translated I also buy it for I can have the whole series eventually one place.

    5. Lunari Lizardi on said:

      La princesa est encendida como una llama ardiente Su mirada no vacila Era la princesa alguien que pod a tener ese tipo de expresi n

    6. Krutula on said:

      Continuing from the story in the last volume, Yona is now on the run from her usurping cousin Soo Won, while under the protection of Hak, who takes her to his tribe s lands While on the way, she seems despondent and even Hak worries about her, and they both contemplate their friendship with Soo Won Once they reach the water tribe s lands, Yona starts to awaken a little, seeing the cheerful people around her and the optimism that they show despite hardships Meanwhile, Soo Won is preparing for his [...]

    7. Jessica Headlee on said:

      Right off the bat, this volume brings character development onto the table For those who didn t like Yona in the first volume, by the end of this volume I promise you ll start to see her differently The writer has done a fantastic job of subtly pushing her in a active role in this story, and while she hasn t taken charge yet, I believe that they re setting her up to do that soon Other characters get some development as well, though it s still not clear what their motives are yet By the end, I w [...]

    8. SeobinBaeg on said:

      Mundok s loyalty for Hak and Yona is amazing However, it seems that even the Wind tribe is helpless under the power of Soowon, whom have managed to unite or convince the other tribes to join his forces.Yona s immature and somewhat ignorant nature such as taking loyalty for granted is the basis of her personality, since King Il have prevented her from venturing outside for an understandable reason However, at the verge of risk of Hak s life during the fight with Taewon s group, she shows great au [...]

    9. Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment) on said:

      The interesting thing about Yona s character is that she doesn t have a distinct personality We watch her evolve from very little not just in terms of enlightenment, but in terms of definable personality traits This bothered me at first and I desired some facial expressions from her, but ultimately I think it works for the series Is she a Mary Sue though Let s discuss The way the author focuses on Yona s experiences and development makes this the pleasure to read that it is, and I m not sure we [...]

    10. Jasmine on said:

      view spoiler I want you yourself to me, Hak ok, what kind of situation do you think this is from a love scene an order well, Hak is leaving the village, we have no idea what he has in mind go kill Soo won live like a traveler change his identity Yona suddenly shows up, firmly decided to leave the village Hak doesn t want to take her they argue and then in the end, while Hak starts to walk away this is what Yona says to him and guess what he suddenly gives up either you see it too dangerous for a [...]

    11. Deepra Hasan on said:

      The anime was SO good that I felt compelled to read this story Besides, I really want to understand Soo won s character and, what better way to understand him than the manga itself The story is really amazing and, even though I know what happens in these chapters as I have seen the anime before, I couldn t stop myself from reading the chapters, what they thought in those particular scenes etc Please read it, you WILL love it, I guarantee

    12. Sarah Fisher Robb on said:

      I am falling in love and with this manga and with hak he is the best bodyguard i have seen that has to deal with a princess going through as much turmoil as Yuna is We always sa the love story between Yuna and Wu Son and Hak was happy being in the background and vowing to protect the future king and queen but i can see that is going on here and i hope the story is going down in the direction i hope it is

    13. Miss on said:

      yo every time this cuts to su won i m like why why did you do this the book keeps emphasizing that he really did love yona and hak and he would ve become king by marriage so why view spoiler was it THAT important you avenged your father THE BEST REVENGE IS LIVING WILL SU WON GET IT TOGETHER hide spoiler 4 stars

    14. Shaya on said:

      En este tomo debo de decir que el que m s de gusta en Hak, y tambi n se ve como en pocas paginas se ve una evoluci n en Yona y como poco a poco va viendo el mundo que la rodea y se va haciendo poco a poco m s fuerteCuando haga la rese a en el blog os dejare el link y aun as os dejar el link del blog por si quer is echar un vistazo y suscribiroswhiteandblackwings.c

    15. Henrietta on said:

      this manga is absolutely kicking my ass, it s just so beautiful and amazing aND IT MAKES ME CRY ALL THE TIME AND I LOVE IT WITH MY ENTIRE HEART and listening to the anime s soundtrack while reading this is the best idea i ve ever head also i know that mundok is the best but he still makes me cry cause he s the absolute best and i adore him.

    16. AlenGarou on said:

      Adoro i coglioncelli della trib del vento Han Dae e Tae Woo e ovviamente Mundok u.u Anche se con il senno di poiAd ogni modo la fuga sulle montagne sempre epica u.u Yona deve incazzarsi di pi.

    17. Evelyn on said:

      Amazing Even though Yona is a bratty, spoiled, useless princess this volume shows her growth as she is forced to see life outside the palace And the cast of characters expand when we meet the wind tribe Not to mention Tae Yeon is freaking adorable

    18. Nidah (SleepDreamWrite) on said:

      This was one of the covers I saw as a suggestion of manga to read It drew in wondering what it was about and the characters And only 2 volumes in and I m curious where the story will go Looking forward to the next one.

    19. Freigeistbloggerin on said:

      Wieder sehr sch ne Story und es hat dich so entwickelt wie ich es mir gew nscht habe

    20. Rebecca Ann on said:

      This reminds me a little of Black Bird but 10X milder It made me laugh out loud at least 3 times

    21. Noelle on said:

      The second volume did not disappoint Some great character development all around.

    22. Liz on said:

      I like the this vol because Yona has come out of funk from her father s death, and is not longer a walking zombie She realizes that she has to stand up and fight for those that she loves.

    23. Jesica on said:

      BLOG adictaxictoxicoYo quiero un guardaespaldas as es tan serio, y ese apodo P

    24. Nicole on said:

      Other than the very out of place, poorly done attempts to start building a romance between Yona and Hak that mainly consist of Hak being creepy out of nowhere, I adore everything about this series.

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