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Nick Antosca

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The Obese

The Obese By Nick Antosca The Obese Alfred Hitchcock s The Birds with obese people Nina Gilten works in the fashion industry She retouches images for Redbook Teen Vogue Chic Marie Claire and Nylon Her work involves shaving off hipbo

  • Title: The Obese
  • Author: Nick Antosca
  • ISBN: 9781621050179
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Obese By Nick Antosca Alfred Hitchcock s The Birds with obese people.Nina Gilten works in the fashion industry She retouches images for Redbook, Teen Vogue, Chic, Marie Claire, and Nylon Her work involves shaving off hipbones, masking moles, and giving sheen to the lusterless skin of supermodels In other words, she makes people beautiful But when a vengeful houseguest forwards Nina s pAlfred Hitchcock s The Birds with obese people.Nina Gilten works in the fashion industry She retouches images for Redbook, Teen Vogue, Chic, Marie Claire, and Nylon Her work involves shaving off hipbones, masking moles, and giving sheen to the lusterless skin of supermodels In other words, she makes people beautiful But when a vengeful houseguest forwards Nina s private correspondence with her boss to popular feminist blog Jezebel, Nina finds herself jobless and ostracized.Then rabid obese people start rampaging on the streets of New York.Thrown together with her ex boyfriend Chris and his fiance, the gorgeous Molly Sweet, Ferdinand a male model with a fat fetish , Chantal also a model , and Dora the vengeful houseguest who destroyed her career , Nina must fend for her life in a world where the people she hates most are now trying to eat her.Lazy Fascist Press is proud to present The Obese, a bloody satire about body image and America s obesity epidemic, written by Shirley Jackson Award winner Nick Antosca.Also featuring the bonus story Predator Bait.
    The Obese By Nick Antosca

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      Nick Antosca

    One thought on “The Obese

    1. Lori on said:

      from publisherRead on my phone 8 12 125 Stars Highly Recommended The Next Best Book Excellent gateway to Bizarro FictionPgs 80 eBook Publisher Lazy Fascist PressDon t you dare look away It s not the kind of thing I would want to be staring at either, those rosy red cheeks and thunder thighs but trust me, you re going to want to add this book to your wishlist once I m done with this review.Lazy Fascist Press the guys attached to the whole recent nicest cease and desist lawyer letter in the histor [...]

    2. Michael on said:

      A novella like this can go in a multitude of directions it can either be preachy or so absurd that you end up laughing heartily at at it I like that it allows you to draw your own conclusions about how or why it affected you Antosca is a talented writer that throws up a mirror gives us a full view of just how shallow people are The strength is in the story telling and while the front cover may shock and offend you, the novella itself is well written and truly makes a statement This is what great [...]

    3. Michael Seidlinger on said:

      I devoured this book and I am still HUNGRRRYYYYYYYYYY.Num num num num num nummmmmmmmmmm.

    4. Ryan Bradford on said:

      Just finished this book and feel slightly weird for enjoying it It s an ugly, ugly book the cover s amazingly grotesque and every character in The Obese is a piece of shit Everyone is either contemptible and narcissistic, or petty and whiny BUT, these are the type of things that you love to hate, and once the bloodshed starts, it s so so satisfying I was really tempted to litter this review with a lot of food puns I really enjoyed the take down of New York media types Having the main character b [...]

    5. Pedro Proença on said:

      As a fat person, as always wanted to write my fat book One day, maybe I will Meanwhile, we have to settle with Nick Antosca s The Obese.A tale of madness, this book is about fat people attacking New York A terrorist organization releases a toxin on the city s water supply, and only fat people are affected, because the toxin is absorbed by fat tissue On the center of all this mess, we have Nina She works retouching images for famous fashion publications She had just lost her job after her overwei [...]

    6. Sabra Embury on said:

      A toxic substance has gotten into the NYC water supply that zombifies obese people into rotted pumpkin reeking, voraciously num numming killing machines An anorexic digital touch up artist is seriously irritated by a revenge seeking houseguest and her statuesque sidekick When intractable situations merge all is fair in love, and gore.It s been awhile since I read a story where every single character was contemptible in one way or another This bloodfest will also breed contempt from overweight wo [...]

    7. Kyle Muntz on said:

      A great, tight, brutal zombie story that s also a scathing look at the fashion industry and internet age It s exactly what it seems and a lot of fun, which works for such a compact, well executed novella.

    8. Matt on said:

      During the course of reading I ate two sandwiches Both words and sandwiches were excellent.

    9. Laryssa Wirstiuk on said:

      The Obese is definitely the breeziest, most wonderfully irreverent book I ve read this year I couldn t believe how quickly I thumbed through the pages, craving the narrator s next thought I also couldn t believe my own amusement at the politically incorrect subjects that Antosca explores.This book shouldn t be taken too seriously Rather, it should be seen as an acknowledgement of the twisted images we hold of ourselves and the people around us If we can t accept the uncomfortable reality of Anto [...]

    10. Craig on said:

      The Obese is a great story about a skinny woman, Nina, whose job it is to touch up photographs of models to make them look anorexic and is soon thrown into a fight for her life against a rabid horde of the morbidly obese Antosca begins the story normally, then throws in a few hints of what s to come without fully telling The reader will notice certain odd things in the narrative before they are thrust into the chaos, which is really well done and effective It s bloody while also insightful into [...]

    11. Aaron Mcquiston on said:

      In a short novel about obese people who turn into zombies and start to take over the city, The Obese seems flawed for other reasons Most of it is because the beginning has nothing to do with the end, and the set up in the beginning is interesting a fashion magazine photo shopper who slices curves out of pictures meets with an old classmate who decides to destroy her career This aspect gets thrown to the wayside when the killer fat people show up, and does not return This makes me wish that there [...]

    12. Lorna Keach on said:

      Brilliant social commentary little on the short side Nick Antosca has created multifaceted and strikingly realistic characters that reflect some heavy modern issues The setting, too, is vividly portrayed, and the core concept of the book is great Sadly, the plot fails to live up to the standards Antosca sets for himself the book follows the generic survival horror trope without much deviation Also, it s too damn short The addition of the story Predator Bait helps a little with this its a cool st [...]

    13. J. Osborne on said:

      Really really great little novella Moves quickly I admire that Very economical use of language It s satire, I think, which basically means everyone s a douchebag and you cheer when they get eaten But what s even better than the novella, I think, is the short story attached to it, Predator Bait , about a young woman hired by a seedy To Catch A Predator type show because she looks young It s once again a story of douchebags, though a quite a bit sympathetic than The Obese I like it because I feel [...]

    14. Lunar Lunacy on said:

      A very gruesome look at size discrimination indeed I think this book deserves closer to a 3.5, but Predator Bait pushed it up a bit for me I felt that both stories could have used further development, but I think padding them out to make a larger novel would have dampened their effect The later theme in The Obese view spoiler zombies hide spoiler took me by surprise, but it was an enjoyable read If you re willing to pair this up with a little non fiction, I would suggest Fat Is A Feminist Issue [...]

    15. Melanie Page on said:

      I feel like the contemporary references are really powerful, including Facebook, gmail chat, Anderson Cooper, etc and make the work memorable and important in a way Once the obese start nom nom nom ing, the story quickly turns zombie, and some of the significance fell away for me There are full circle parallels, such as Nina removing pieces of people piece of Nina being removed, though To be fair, I m reading this book with the mindset that I might teach it in the fall, so it s possible I m bein [...]

    16. Sheri White on said:

      The story was really good, but lost me at the end It s written in the first person, which is OK, but the ending didn t make sense as written in that voice.

    17. Lori on said:

      Two thirds of the population become insatiable flesh eating zombies How did they run down a jogger

    18. Parker on said:

      This may contain spoilers.Really like the image of a preppy, narcissistic, stuck up, snobby hot girl being chased by obese mutants I also really liked how in the midst of the outbreak of the obese, Nina s concerns are still only about herself.But the bonus story in this book, Predator Bait, is my favorite Predator Bait presents a very honest and clever critique of the manipulation of ideals and morality through media consumption in America

    19. Paul on said:

      The Obese is a smart satire wrapped in a horror novella This is not a indictment of the overweight Instead, it satirizes culture s obsession with body image It is a quick, fun read and worth seeking out.This edition, published by Lazy Fascist Press, also contains the fascinating short story Predator Bait I wouldn t mind seeing this story expanded upon Good stuff.

    20. Teresa on said:

      Short and easy to read in one sitting Kinda like a reverse A Modern Proposal Definitely heavy on the satire and social commentary, although it s nicely tucked away so that you could just read it as a quick zombie ISH type quick thriller.

    21. John on said:

      I loved this book, he has a style of writing that pulls you in Highly recommend this book num num num

    22. Andrew on said:

      Just felt weak, and short like the author realized he didn t have anywhere to go with it Here s the deal zombies are fat people Fat people are zombies That s about it.

    23. Robert Dormer on said:

      Competently written, but none of the characters are remotely sympathetic, and the ending is weirdly abrupt and unsatisfying.

    24. C.V. Hunt on said:

      I loved this author s writing style There s a poetic quality to the sentence structures that sucks you in and the next thing you know you ve finished the book I recommend this.

    25. Brandi on said:

      This was a lot of fun to read Also, I kept thinking about Teen Wolf.

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