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Capture By Brina Courtney Capture One this is for sure Shay is in for the fight of her life Shay is finally learning who she is and who it is she will become But for now escaping the clutches of the evil Malsumis will have to be eno

  • Title: Capture
  • Author: Brina Courtney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 277
  • Format: None
  • Capture By Brina Courtney One this is for sure, Shay is in for the fight of her life.Shay is finally learning who she is, and who it is she will become But for now escaping the clutches of the evil Malsumis will have to be enough Or is it In Capture Shay embraces other cryptids in order to defeat their common enemy.She is willing to die trying to save her father and the love of her life, Hugh.ButOne this is for sure, Shay is in for the fight of her life.Shay is finally learning who she is, and who it is she will become But for now escaping the clutches of the evil Malsumis will have to be enough Or is it In Capture Shay embraces other cryptids in order to defeat their common enemy.She is willing to die trying to save her father and the love of her life, Hugh.But can Hugh, her cryptid mate, protect her from the evil Malsumis Or will she fall victim to his horrible plans
    Capture By Brina Courtney

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      Brina Courtney

    One thought on “Capture

    1. Melanie Adkins on said:

      Your senior year in high school is supposed to be fun, exciting and full of friends Everything went just that way for Shay Tafford until graduation After graduation, she and Hugh went to the Senior Shuffle Little did they know it would be interrupted in such a rude way The Darkness descended on the high school looking for Shay and Hugh They had to protect their friends, so they edged toward a back door Suddenly the fire alarm went off and everyone was running outside They got away but surprises [...]

    2. Kelly on said:

      Capture picks up with us taking a look at the events that happened at the end of book 1 Shay and Hugh are trying to blend in and be normal kids which is a tiny bit difficult due to their golden eyes and the fact that they re irrevocably mated to one another when chaos descends on Shay s school Shay and Hugh escape but Malsumis minions are hot on their tails musttkeapeshifter.pun and there aren t many places they can go that won t put their friends or families in danger.So they flee into the wild [...]

    3. Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort on said:

      Review is for all 3 books 1 If I had only known then, what I know now, I never would have let him go He loves you Shay, just admit to yourself and embrace it Embrace who you are We re connected he and I and, we re in this whole mess together 2 Which scares the hell out of me How did I end up in a war I m only eighteen years old for goodness sakes Tonight we fight for our freedom For who we are and for what is our birthright You don t have much of a choice Time to own up 3 She s nothing like I ex [...]

    4. Jess Stampe on said:

      Enjoyed the read It was great to see where Shay and Hugh left off It did leave me with a lot of burning questions regarding Shay s father that I hope to see addressed in the final book Read at Food For Thought.

    5. Jenn on said:

      While I enjoyed Reveal, I loved Capture Shay s story will engage you and take you for an emotional journey Brisk in pace, you will not want to stop until the battle is decided I look forward to the final book in this series.

    6. Michelle on said:

      I really enjoyed this one too Love getting to know of the Cryptids

    7. Tracy on said:

      Really liked the books Read both of them Reveal and Capture in one dayLook for to the next one this fall

    8. Laurie Hopkins on said:

      ExcellentReally enjoying this series Love Shay, how she is coping with everything, her feelings just seem typical She isn t whining about it, she is taking care of business so life can move on.

    9. Kimber Wheaton on said:

      I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Capture is book 2 in the Cryptid Tales series Warning, do not read this one without reading book 1, Reveal This is not a standalone novel, and I guarantee you ll be lost without reading the first book Please see my review of Reveal for regarding the background and characters.The story starts at the prior cliffhanger ending and moves along lightning fast Hugh and Shay go into hiding to prepare for the inevitable battle with ba [...]

    10. Camillia (Twenty Three Pages) on said:

      I was given this book in exchange for a review However when I requested the book, I didn t realise that it was a series and that I was being given the second book So I started this book without reading anything of the first book except the reviews and blurbs I expected to not enjoy it Aside from the mainstream books like Divergent or The Mortal Instruments, I have pretty much stopped reading fantasy supernatural series books Mostly because I just don t enjoy them as much as I used to Also, as I [...]

    11. Claire on said:

      This book picks up exactly where book one ends, which i found great Hugh and Liz were enjoying a bit of normality at the Senior Prom when Liz hears in her head to run And the small delay causes them to be there when the enemy storms into the room.They luckily escape this time.They need to go into hiding and Hugh takes them to a safe house that has wards around them, keeping them safe from enemiesr nowThe house is a safe house for all cryptids, not just Hugh and Liz.After several days in the hous [...]

    12. Angela ReadingCave on said:

      This book begins right where the first one ends, Shay and Hugh at the Senior Shuffle Erica, one of the meanies from book two and several of her minions show up She tries to capture Shay and Hugh but Olivia to the rescue Shay and Hugh along with Olivia get away They drop her off and tell her that she doesn t know them This part makes me sad, as Olivia was my favorite character from book one in the series They of course hide and regroup with several other cryptids joining forces The new characters [...]

    13. Kate on said:

      Super quick read, continuing right on from book 1, Reveal, which must be read first The prose is easy and I like the main characters, which is a breath of fresh air, since it seems like most YA protagonists have at least some character trait that really rubs me wrong I can t be exact, but I felt Ike there were some continuity issues in the book, maybe carry over issues from the first book that didn t match up This series is fast paced, which is good, but things could be developed I just like it [...]

    14. Kim O"Daniel on said:

      What can I say I love this series Brina Courtney has turned the shifter and mythi creatures wold on end This is so far from the normal shifters I love that shay is not a simple cat or mosi shifters as depicted in the book Shay is the most porewful cryptid and we find out why in this book as she is once again hunted by the darkness she and Hugh try to save themselves and the other cryptids so many questions are answered this I d a great read I thoroughly enjoyed this book and think you will too

    15. Caro on said:

      Is a very continuation the story starts to show where are the loosing ends, but they are parts that are not need it, I will not describe them here because I do not want to give spoilers, just that the royalty line of the story is unnecessary, but I like the new characters and how the rest of the story is going, I may like description of the fights, but is a good story Again I like the cliff at the end and I am looking forward for the end of the trilogy.

    16. Marinda on said:

      I was so excited to finally be able to read book 2 of this awesome series.Shay and Hugh have faced the Darkness in book 1 and in this they are being chased by the Darkness and his helpers This is a book that will have you laughing, and saying WOW This series is going great and my only complaint is it wasn t long enough The story was well written and fit into the length but I wanted I will definitely be on the lookout for of this series 5 fangs.

    17. Stephanie Garza on said:

      Shay Hugh s story continue in quick procession of reveal I read it quite quickly I couldn t put it down Shay finds out there s so many types of other crytids out there and when she s in the fight of her life finds out she s meant to be so much I almost didn t want to make a review because I want to read Settle So I will No time to waste

    18. Melissa on said:

      I loved the story The whole concept was exciting to read Again, the only downfall is that it s YA Of course it s hard to feel like a teenager again when you re much older lol

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