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Rockoholic By C.J. Skuse Rockoholic She s got it bad and he ain t good he s in her garage I m your biggest fan I ll follow you until you love me Gonna have to face it Jody s addicted to Jackson Gatlin frontman of The Regulators and

  • Title: Rockoholic
  • Author: C.J. Skuse
  • ISBN: 9780545429603
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rockoholic By C.J. Skuse She s got it bad, and he ain t good he s in her garage I m your biggest fan, I ll follow you until you love me Gonna have to face it Jody s addicted to Jackson Gatlin, frontman of The Regulators, and after her best bud Mac scores tickets, she s front and center at his sold out concert But when she gets mashed in the moshpit and bodysurfs backstage, she s got She s got it bad, and he ain t good he s in her garage I m your biggest fan, I ll follow you until you love me Gonna have to face it Jody s addicted to Jackson Gatlin, frontman of The Regulators, and after her best bud Mac scores tickets, she s front and center at his sold out concert But when she gets mashed in the moshpit and bodysurfs backstage, she s got than a mild concussion to deal with By the next morning, the strung out rock star is coming down in her garage Jody oops kind of kidnapped him By accident With a Curly Wurly candy bar And now he doesn t want to leave It s a rock star abduction worthy of an MTV reality seriesbut who got punk d
    Rockoholic By C.J. Skuse

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      C.J. Skuse

    One thought on “Rockoholic

    1. Joy (joyous reads) on said:

      This is one of those books that would require the reader s patience to fully appreciate all its quirky nuisances It was touch and go there for a while You need to practice self control and curb your judgments until you ve read the entire book Needless to say, I made a fool of myself on again.Here s the Story, Morning Glory Jody s obsession with Jackson Gatlin, frontman of The Regulators reached new heights as she found herself inadvertently kidnapping her dream man, the love of her life, her her [...]

    2. Katy on said:

      This book is kind of hard to review because my feelings for it are kind of inconsistent I started reading this book about a month ago, and the first chapter was entertaining enough The second chapter was just okay, and by the third chapter rolled around, I was really bored So I decided to set it aside for a bit.Well, I picked it up again early this morning, and it got better By the end of chapter five, I was smiling and laughing out loud Jodie s antics were so crazy, and Mac s dramatic outbursts [...]

    3. Lynsey on said:

      I m going to start this review by saying that Rockoholic by C J Skuse is one of the funniest, most entertaining and highly original books I ve read in a long time To be quite honest, when I first read the synopsis I thought the book sounded good but I honestly didn t know whether I d like it I mean, I m a bit past my boy band loving days although I do remember what it was like to have a crush on Ronan Keating cringing as we speak and I won t tell you about the time I had front row tickets to a B [...]

    4. Marielle on said:

      This and other reviews on Book Thoughts by Marielle Just know that this book emotionally depleted me I mean, I only have so much emotion that I can let out and all of it for the next month was unleashed today, when I finished this book I PROMISED MYSELF I WOULDN T CRY ON MY BIRTHDAY But I did In a good ish kind of way I went into Rockoholic by C.J Skuse thinking that it would be a light, fluffy read I was kind of right You know that one celebrity that you would give anything just to meet To talk [...]

    5. A. Bookzilla. on said:

      This book is sweet, and at times heartbreaking, but you need to know something else this book is also h i l a r o u s During the first like7 8 chapters before and during the kidnapping and the aftermath of it I laughed so hard I couldn t breathe.The whole book is funny, though My sister kept glancing over at me worriedly because every now and then I would crack up so much.Jody is half mad I mean, I get her, she is grieving, she is lonely, she doesn t fit in, view spoiler and she is in love with [...]

    6. Mary (BookHounds) on said:

      MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITBristol teen, Jody, has a major crush on US rock star Jackson Gatlin She has his posters plastered on her wall, eats what he professes to eat and just generally fangirls out at his concerts Her best friend, Mac, wants to be on Broadway star and genially puts up with her Gatlin rants with a stoic front They spend most of their time together at his family s pub and taking care of his little sister, Cree while his parents work Her divorced mother has moved the family i [...]

    7. Dari on said:

      3,75 stars.I ve read stories with a very similar plot before.But as a whole, the novel was really lovely one And I liked it.

    8. Kaede on said:

      First off, my lovelies, I must give props to Ms Skuse for nailing the obsessiveness and slightly scary factors of being a female fan of a rising idol Especially a hot male idol Jody, our main character, as much as I may try but I won t to deny it, is a lot like quite a few people I know Quite a few One Direction obsessed friends I know, to be exact And if I said that Jody s lack of sense and brain cells annoyed the hell out of me, and I couldn t stand her as a character I d also be saying that t [...]

    9. Karen on said:

      When I first came across Rockoholic I thought nah, it s not for me A book about a girl obsessed with a rock star Not my cup of tea I m not really into music in a big way and can honestly say I ve never obsessed over anyone in a band But I kept coming across it on the book review blogs and the I read, the intrigued I was, so when I got the opportunity to review it I jumped at it.Oh My Word What a painfully hilarious book this was How can I explain what I mean It was like watching someone walk i [...]

    10. Zoe and the Edge on said:

      3.5 StarsThe characters are pretty good, the delivery a bit sloppy and the plot even worse but it made me laugh As in really LOL I m starting a theory I think British writers have a knack for writing beautifully flowing natural dialogue It might just be that I m Australian and British speak is familiar than American to me, but this is a budding theory So there.Jody has this attitude that I really like when she s not being completely stupid over Jackson When she s being gaga over him, she s like [...]

    11. Omg-books-are-my-thing! on said:

      Omg, this book was SO GOOD Honestly, it was the best realistic fiction I have ever read I loved the protagonist and all of the secondary characters too The relationships in the book felt so real and the plot was really interesting Plus, it was super funny I could not stop laughing Overall it was an awesome read I wish I could take this adventure all over again

    12. Bibliojunkies on said:

      She s got it bad, and he ain t good he s in her garage I m your biggest fan, I ll follow you until you love me Gonna have to face it Jody s addicted to Jackson Gatlin, frontman of The Regulators, and after her best bud Mac scores tickets, she s front and center at his sold out concert But when she gets mashed in the moshpit and bodysurfs backstage, she s got than a mild concussion to deal with By the next morning, the strung out rock star is coming down in her garage Jody oops kind of kidnapped [...]

    13. Christina on said:

      My original review for this title can be found HERE at The Book Hookup.When the blurb says that Jody s addicted to Jackson Gatlin, frontman of The Regulators, that was putting it mildly She s quite obsessed, believing that if they were to meet, he d fall hopelessly in love with her because he s the only person in the world that could ever possibly begin to understand her as a person Jody s almost positive that she ll get her chance at the concert, she just has to get him to notice her in the cro [...]

    14. Mitch on said:

      Rockoholic isn t the book I thought it would be, but kudos to C J Skuse for trying something different Still, I really thought this was one of those premises where the main character does this crazy rock star kidnapping thing and hilarity ensues except, it s really not all that funny I guess I liked the serious turn, teaching a life lesson to one obsessed fangirl, it just wasn t the story I expected.The summary s entirely accurate though, Jody s obsessed with this dude Jackson Gatlin and his mus [...]

    15. Jennifer on said:

      Review can be seen here on Books and Swoons I received a copy of this book as an egalley from through NetGalley but it did not influence this review in any way Now, I m a fangirl at heart so I was very excited about starting this book Accidentally kidnapping your celebrity crush the funnies it bound to ensues excitement in starting this book However right from the beginning, Jody, the main character, was a bit too much for me to handle I understood her devotion to Jackson Gatlin and The Regulato [...]

    16. Tabatha on said:

      Funny, Original and yet completely and utterly Frustrating.I think that sums up Rockaholic well I m going to marry Jackson Gatlin one day Just take a few seconds to really reflect on that sentence Done OkayNow, I don t know about you, but I personally am not a fan of people claiming to be In Love with people they ve never met I agree that people can have crushes I m not a stranger to fangirling over certain musicians or actorsOh, hey there Ian But I draw a line at claiming you re In Love with th [...]

    17. Amber (Books of Amber) on said:

      Jody, Rockoholic s main character, is Jackson s biggest fan When her best friend Mac gives Jody a ticket to The Regulator s gig she jumps at the chance to go After queuing up outside all day Jody gets to see just three songs before she hits her head and is taken to the nurse s room.Mac drives her home, plus one Jackson , who is so high on drugs at the time he thinks that Jody s Curly Wurly is a knife Yes, you read that right Honestly, I found the concept of this novel to be very bizarre I mean, [...]

    18. Sammee (I Want to Read That) on said:

      Oh Man I loved this book I really liked the look of it when I first heard about it but I wasn t expecting it to be that good The story follows Jody and Mac Jody is completely obsessed with a band called The Regulators and their lead singer Jackson Gatlin Mac is her best friend and when Jody goes to see The Regulators preform she manages to accidentally kidnap Jackson, making Mac an accomplice in the process But will Jackson be everything Jody thinks he will be Jody really is an awesome character [...]

    19. Kristin on said:

      This is definitely not book that is realistic at all It s a fun take you away for the day read Jody goes to the Regulators concert and after being kneed, banged around and ultimately fainting, she wakes up at the end of the concert in the infirmary room backstage She s upset that she s missed the concert while she was unconscious, and that s when the band members come in They go from bed to bed talking to their injured fans and then Jackson makes his way to Jody s bed, she offers him a curly wur [...]

    20. Seanean on said:

      librarytalker 201Jody is completely and totally in love He s the most amazing guy ever He s the only one who truly understands her He s rock GOD Jackson Gatlin, lead singer of The Regulators, and Jody knows that if she can just get to the front of the crowd at his next concert, he ll see her and fall head over heels in love with her.Of course, nothing ever turns out the way Jody hopes.Sure She gets the rock god back home he s now living in her garage But it wasn t true love that brought him ther [...]

    21. Ann on said:

      Eine nette Geschichte f r zwischendurch, aber f r mich leider nichts Besonderes, werde es wahrscheinlich auch nicht noch mal lesen.3.5 5

    22. Jessica (Jess Hearts Books) on said:

      I got this book to review on the Vine program as I d heard lots of fab things about it from my blogger friends I started reading this book when I was having a pretty miserable day and needed cheering up and boy did it do the job Rockoholic starts off with main character Jody at her beloved granddad s funeral her granddad was Jody s idol Not the typical grandfather figure he loved rock and roll, would moon bathe and wanted his funeral to be called a body barbeque and we automatically get to see j [...]

    23. Jodie on said:

      booksforcompanyI picked up Rockaholic having heard a lot about it from my fellow UK Book Bloggers about how funny it was and at the time, that was just what I wanted I have to admit I do hardly laugh at books, even when they are funny and I find it funny I don t actually LOL I just have a little giggle inside Well Rockaholic did make me LOL, not as much as I hoped as half way through things turned a bit serious but at the beginning I was giggling quite a lot.Rockaholic has quite a few different [...]

    24. Tasha on said:

      Jody is a massive fan of a band called The Regulators, in particular their lead singer, Jackson Gatlin And by massive fan, we re talking OBSSESSED She s vegetarian because in an interview Jackson says he is, she reads the same books Jackson reads, she buys zebra things because on Wikiepedia it says Jackson likes zebras she truly believes he s the guy for her if only he knew she existed Maybe he ll notice her when she goes to a Regs concert.Really Jody s only hoping for a smile from the stage or [...]

    25. Sarah (Head Stuck In A Book) on said:

      3.25 5 StarsI ve wanted to read this book for such a long time now, the concept was what initially first caught my attention, that and I love the cover, it s very simplistic but consistent with the storyline The idea of accidently kidnapping your favourite rock star has probably been fantasized about at some time or another in your life, but of course you d never actually do it, but when Jody happens to do just that and kidnaps Jackson Gatlin, lead singer of American rock band The Regulators, wh [...]

    26. Kirsty on said:

      Before picking up this book I had not heard of the author before so started it with no real expectations about what it would be like.The story follows Jody a teenage girl who goes to see in concert her favourite band, and importantly, her idol Jackson Gaitlin A variety of things go wrong and by the end of the evening Jody ends up kidnapping Jackson and taking him home to hide out from the press in her Granddad s garage.I liked several things about this book Firstly it was really funny The one t [...]

    27. Adriane on said:

      Summary Jody loves The Regulators Her walls are plastered with pictures of the band and her idol Jackson Gatlin, the frontman of the band But at the concert she ends up backstage with a concussion and accidentally kidnaps him along with her best friend Mac Mac who may or may not be gay but that is a whole nother story Not knowing what else to do with her drugged out idol, she takes him home and keeps him in her garage Every time she tries to return him he tells her he doesn t want to go back, so [...]

    28. Kayla Eklund on said:

      Rockoholic was an interesting book The plot kept me captivated until the end The British slang terms got a little confusing At the beginning, they took away from the story The further I progressed into the story, the they were reused and I think I got a general understanding of what most of them mean The story focuses on Jody who is in love with Jackson, the lead singer of The Regulators There is a small problem with that Jackson doesn t know she exists When she gets a chance to go to a Regulat [...]

    29. Farah Hanani on said:

      When I read the description, I was like How the hell is she going to kidnap a rock star But then she did it and I was like, OMG She did it I was a little mad and annoyed with Jody at the beginning of the book with how she treat Jackson and how she was treated.Jody is this really wild girl who listens to rock music and is totally obsessed with Jackson Gatlin, the lead singer in The Regulators She also tends to do things first before she thinks and the aftermath of those were really messy.Jody s g [...]

    30. Sophie on said:

      I thought this was a funny, honest and unexpectedly deep book It perfectly captures the feeling of hero worship that you get as a rock band obsessed teenager which is not far from what I am now, except replacing teenager with 20 something and rock with metal I felt truly awful for protagonist Jodie as she discovers that her idol is really not all he s cracked up to be in fact, he s a messed up drug addict with little concern for anyone else That would be enough of a nightmare for any fan to go t [...]

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