Titanic Love Stories: The True Stories of 13 Honeymoon Couples Who Sailed on the Titanic

Gill Paul

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Titanic Love Stories: The True Stories of 13 Honeymoon Couples Who Sailed on the Titanic

Titanic Love Stories: The True Stories of 13 Honeymoon Couples Who Sailed on the Titanic By Gill Paul Titanic Love Stories The True Stories of Honeymoon Couples Who Sailed on the Titanic Titanic Love Stories The sinking of the RMS Titantic was a terrible tragedy for all the people who died but the stories of the brides and grooms who joined the ship to celebrate their honeymo

  • Title: Titanic Love Stories: The True Stories of 13 Honeymoon Couples Who Sailed on the Titanic
  • Author: Gill Paul
  • ISBN: 9781907332784
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Titanic Love Stories: The True Stories of 13 Honeymoon Couples Who Sailed on the Titanic By Gill Paul Titanic Love Stories The sinking of the RMS Titantic was a terrible tragedy for all the 1,517 people who died but the stories of the 12 brides and grooms who joined the ship to celebrate their honeymoons are especially poignant Full description
    Titanic Love Stories: The True Stories of 13 Honeymoon Couples Who Sailed on the Titanic By Gill Paul

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      417 Gill Paul
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    One thought on “Titanic Love Stories: The True Stories of 13 Honeymoon Couples Who Sailed on the Titanic

    1. Echo on said:

      A very interesting look at 13 of the couples who sailed on the Titanic and what happened to each of them Each story has pictures of the couple and tells how they met, how they came to be on the Titanic, and what happened to them during and after the sinking of the ship There is also other information mixed in with the stories of the people, including menus, information about the rooms in the ship, and information about other people on board the ship.I thought it was interesting that, at one poin [...]

    2. Melissa on said:

      This was a of a who s who of Titanic s first class honeymooning couples After a while the stories though romantic really started to sound the same There were a few 2nd and 3rd class stories at the end but compared to the stories of the first class couples they were the ones that were the most enjoyable to read.

    3. Christy on said:

      This book was a disappointing attempt to create a story about these 13 couples by mounds of speculation without very little facts Each short story exists only to repeat the sinking of the titanic and to mention that these people were on it Chapter after chapter you will read the same account and very little real info about these couples that matter other than the exotic locations they honeymooned It reads like fiction instead of the stated non fiction by the author Quite a disappointment with n [...]

    4. Taylor on said:

      I remember buying this I was horribly reluctant It was in the bargain books section of the store and I think I bought it just because I had the 6.00 or whatever burning a hole in my pocket I have read a lot about the Titanic over the years every since I can remember it has been something that has fascinated me All of the fictional movies, the documentaries, magazines, exhibits all I have indulged in It pains me to say that this account is one of theworst Paul appeals to the hopeless romantic and [...]

    5. Cally73 on said:

      Beautifully presented book telling the stories of 13 honey mooning couples aboard the Titanic Lot s of details around the ship itself and sinking, none of which are new to those who have read other books around the Titanic Some of the chapter summaries at the beginning of each story contain spoilers to whether the couple survives Personally I would have preferred to find this out as the story unfolded Some of the couples are well known, others less so It s certainly a touching book My main gripe [...]

    6. Diane Briones™ on said:

      Titanic Love Story that will Touch your HeartSometimes you get a historical non fiction that is hard to read and doesn t make you want to complete it But I found myself not wanting to put this down.This book tells the stories of 13 couples who were taking their honeymoon onboard the Titanic The author does an excellent job of interspersing their stories with fascinating facts about the ship, as well as anecdotes that have come down through the decades He gives a good variation of couples as well [...]

    7. Erin on said:

      I have always loved the Titanic ever since I first heard Leo claim to be the king of the world When I first discovered the story, I spent months scavenging my bookstores and libraries for any book based upon it or offered a different perspective The Titanic disaster is one of the things I know most about in this world Strangely enough, this particular book had been on my Chapters wishlist for ages I had no intention of buying it, and had I not found it at a second hand bookstore where I was look [...]

    8. Kirsti on said:

      A really great look at some of those aboard the Titanic, specifically those who were married and on their honeymoon on the unsinkable ship Some of the things I knew already, but many of the facts and stories were new to me, and this made the book hold my attention It really stood out for me on a day where I actually managed to read three novels in total, and I think this was my favorite read of the day The stories were well presented, and felt very personal as well.I loved all the pictures, and [...]

    9. Samantha on said:

      This was probably one of the most depressing books I have ever read in my life BUT It was so educational and well written that I liked it very much The subject matter is always going to be very depressing, considering it was one of the greatest ship disasters of all time The actual pages are beautiful Each page has a section of text, as well as a picture or several pictures There are interesting little facts here and there, blocked off in soft yellow boxes The pages have shades of gray, brown, a [...]

    10. Rachel Carrington on said:

      I ve always been interested in all things Titanic so when I saw this book, I had to know about these couples who took that tragic journey Gill Paul s insights into the worlds of these honeymooners showcases not only his talent but his knowledge and research about the Titanic These stories are heart breaking, life affirming, and powerful It would be impossible to read this book and not be moved I know I certainly was.

    11. Jodie on said:

      I was intrigued when this one came in I have always been fascinated by the sinking of the Titanic I didn t realize that there were 13 honeymooning couples on board I loved that the book was about the lives of these couples and what happened to them, than just what happened that fateful night.A really interesting read for anyone interested in history, the Titanic or both.

    12. Sandra Strange on said:

      This book is just what it says the stories of 13 couples honeymooning on the fated ship and what happens to each Good background information and lots of pictures make the book a fast and informative read about the tragedy.

    13. Saturday's Child on said:

      An interesting and easy read that looks at the thirteen couples who sailed on the Titanic during their honeymoon From 1st to 3rd class each couples story is told along with lots of pictures and illustrations.

    14. Tracy on said:

      I love learning things about the Titanic The presentation of the honeymooning couples aboard the Titanic brings an even human element to the tragedy An excellant read for anyone interested in personal presentation of the sinking.

    15. Kelli on said:

      It s kind of an enthralling read It s interesting what all was shown to light about the upper class people on the Titanic when the ship sank The stories are sort of heart breaking and sad However, it s one of those books you really don t stop reading because it s so interesting.

    16. Courtney on said:

      Loved this book The stories are heartbreaking but I m glad to have read them.

    17. Karen on said:

      The story of honeymooners on the Titanic very interesting the amount of money in today s value it cost to sail in the ship I was SHOCKEDd facts the you had the greater chance of your survival First class passenger women almost all survived steerage literally no one.

    18. Eszter on said:

      A very light book and a good introduction to the titanic The side bars were interesting and gave a lot of cool background information However, the couples stories were a bit repetitive over time all were the one true loves, no matter how many times they remarried etc

    19. Karen on said:

      Very well written book about 13 couples and how they did or did not survive Learned a lot Only 711 survived out off 2224 people

    20. Jasmin on said:

      So eine traurig aber zugleich sch ne Sammlung von berlebenden der Titanik.

    21. PuMbA's MoMmy*•.♥.•* on said:

      This was an awesome read for the anniversary of Titanic s sinking After seeing the movie many years ago, I started to become interested in Titanic and its historical voyage I was very happy when I found this book at the Barnes and Nobles clearance section I simply adored that it had pictures of the couples spoken about in the book, and it also had pictures of Titanic both inside and outside What a beautiful boat it was I can see why so many people on the early 1900 s were excited about becoming [...]

    22. kim on said:

      I have been fascinated with the story of the Titanic ever since I was young and watched A Night to Remember with my grandma on the late show It s easy to understand why Grandma was obsessed she was only 9 years old when she made the journey to the US just 13 months before the Titanic sank With the 100th anniversary of the disaster this past April, many books based on the tragedy have been published this year This one caught my eye for several reasons First, and most obvious, it is about the Tita [...]

    23. Nick West on said:

      I ve read about 50 books on the RMS Titanic, and Titanic Love Stories is certainly a unique addition to my Titanic library Paul Gill profiles mostly 1st class couples who sailed on the Titanic as part of their honeymoons, offering insight into their lives before, during, and after the sinking of the great ship.I found many aspects of Titanic Love Stories to be very enlightening, particularly the stories of the men who survived the sinking and dealt with a lifetime of shame in the gilded age At t [...]

    24. Nikki on said:

      Titanic Love Stories is one that I have been exciting about reading for a long time While reading A Night to Remember last year I was really moved by Daniel and Mary Marvin s story They were a very young couple heading back to New York from their honeymoon They had everything to live for Their story made me extremely curious to learn about true life love stories from the Titanic It was certainly a heartbreaking read, but it was a fascinating one, too I particularly liked all the photographs, il [...]

    25. Lyn-Mara on said:

      I am a sap for anything Titanic and I was feeling especially nostalgic after visiting a Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas I kept thinking about the temperature of the water and the photographs of all the families I couldn t get the images of the WhiteStar dishes laid out on the bottom of the ocean just as they had been stacked in their cabinets over a hundred years ago the gorgeous suites, the cherubs on the staircasee whole thing Anyway, I ordered this book as soon as I got back because I wanted to [...]

    26. Julia (Shakespeare and Such) on said:

      5 5I ve been obsessed with the story of the Titanic since about 5th grade, so when I stumbled upon this book I had a strong feeling it would be right up my alley I was not disappointed I love that the book breaks the stories up by the thirteen different couples and really takes time to establish who they are before jumping right in to their honeymoon trips aboard the Titanic I especially enjoyed the last few stories, since information about the 3rd class passengers is less plentiful and I found [...]

    27. Michelle on said:

      The sinking of the Titanic was one of the most disastrous accidents of all time The sad part is that many of the deaths could have been avoided That s the sad part of this story If attitudes would have been different, it would have been a whole different story It was just one big screw up from day one from assuming that this ship would never sink to the closing off of decks where the 3rd class were riding It seems that right from the start this was ship just for the upper class Oh sure, the poor [...]

    28. Helen on said:

      Over a century has passed but the Titanic tragedy is a subject which continues to fascinate This take on the event is the telling of the poignant stories of honeymooners who had the huge misfortune to choose to sail on Titanic s doomed maiden voyage It s a very moving but not overly sentimental read and also very interesting and informative I learnt bits and pieces about this amazingly opulent ship I hadn t known before Worthy of 4 stars but I ve given it 3 as regarding the couples experiences d [...]

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