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Ross Rosenfeld

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The Stolen Kingdom

The Stolen Kingdom By Ross Rosenfeld The Stolen Kingdom A fantastic free fantasy book for young readers and adults who simply love a great adventure You ll ride with Taylor James and Robert of Roth as they attempt to defeat the evil Dark Duke Along the way

  • Title: The Stolen Kingdom
  • Author: Ross Rosenfeld
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Stolen Kingdom By Ross Rosenfeld A fantastic free fantasy book for young readers and adults who simply love a great adventure You ll ride with Taylor James and Robert of Roth as they attempt to defeat the evil Dark Duke Along the way, you ll have to survive the dangers of Cheshire Woods, battle brutes and monsters, and overcome incredible odds This unique book will make you laugh and keep you on the edA fantastic free fantasy book for young readers and adults who simply love a great adventure You ll ride with Taylor James and Robert of Roth as they attempt to defeat the evil Dark Duke Along the way, you ll have to survive the dangers of Cheshire Woods, battle brutes and monsters, and overcome incredible odds This unique book will make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat You ll never have fun reading If you like stories such as The Princess Bride, King Arthur, or Lord of the Rings, you ll thoroughly enjoy this engaging tale Recommended reading level 5th grade and up Great for teens One of the best books for middle school students and perfect for parents or kids looking for a middle grade fantasy adventure A completely free fantasy book for young readers Download it for free right now Praise for The Stolen Kingdom If you want action and adventure this book is for you I was not sure if I would enjoy this book, but I could not stop reading until I was finished This book is for every age High Fives to the author and this book Has a little of everything Humor, suspense, romance and drama Enjoyable for youth 10 years or older and adults alike This was one of my favorite books yet From beginning to end it was entertaining and easy to follow A terrific book for kids adults If you re a Harry Potter fan, you will love The Stolen Kingdom Best book everI wish I could give this book 10 stars I loved all of the story I feel like this book can be a movie it has so much action.
    The Stolen Kingdom By Ross Rosenfeld

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      217 Ross Rosenfeld
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    One thought on “The Stolen Kingdom

    1. Tracey on said:

      ad The YA adventure that caused people to start referring to the Bible as The second greatest story ever told Wow Pomposity, ignorance, pretentiousness, and arrogance all wrapped up in one objectionable sentence So remarkable I had to add a shelf just for this.

    2. Erin Merrill on said:

      This book reads very fairytale like The Dark Duke has stolen a kingdom and it is up to Taylor James to take it back I am quite hung up on Harry Potter and I kept wanting to call the Dark Duke the Dark Lord which bothered me a little The Dark Duke sounded a little Snape like at times This story reads very much like The Princess Bride would Taylor James reminds me of the Prince from the movie Enchanted , which is a movie near and dear to my heart But that is my love, I must save her This book has [...]

    3. Shannon on said:

      Crap This was way too similar to the King Raven series by Lawhead pretty good series btw and yet not even close if that makes sense like a wannabe version Even though it was for kids, the writing is not the best and the language for the times is inconsistent Not sure how it got all the stars on Couldn t wait to be done with it And I enjoy fantasy and YA.

    4. TC on said:

      I have no idea what to make of this book I guess I could categorize it as Ren Fair Fan Fic It pretty much has the whole caboodle in here, including monsters, sharks, damsels in distress, true love, messianic kings living in ignorant bliss in exile as children, days of feasting, swordplay, palaces, public hangings, rat infested prison towers, warring kingdoms, noblemen, churlish but witty commoners, and on, and on, and on A book inspired by an evening at Medieval Times The writing style is strang [...]

    5. Chris Meads on said:

      This was a great read It reminded me of the old movies about Robin Hood, the Lone Ranger, just to name a few Then cross that with the antics of Batman and Robin the TV series when you get to some of the battles between the good guys and the bad hooligans There is even a little bit of a lesson on discrimination when James learns of the disfigured people living underground He didn t care that they looked funny and or scary.It was well written but kind of dragged on about the clothing and what the [...]

    6. Jaime on said:

      I need to preface this review by saying that this book is not what I am used to reading I love young ADULT books and this is not a young adult book This is a story written for a much younger demographic I would say that this book is good for ages between 9 13 Pre teen I say this because the writing is very simple, almost like what you would read for a bedtime story I also have to say that due to this type of writing, I was unable to finish the book I tried many times, but I just couldn t do it D [...]

    7. Caroline on said:

      The book was very enchanting The characters well written I was completely drawn into the story I think because my imagination was so activated by this book, I still have a lot of questions I want to know details and I want to know what happens next

    8. Roderick on said:

      I ve read this book before, it was called the Princess Bride All through the book all I kept thinking was how this story is The Princess Bride with minor changes , even the dialog tsk tak

    9. Fuzzy Cow on said:

      This book is pretty good It is a book designed to hook young male readers into reading books This book is meant to be read to a kid, or by a kid, a little each night before they go to bed To make this book feel comforting, the book uses very familiar language and has a humorous narrator This makes it a relaxing read and quite enjoyable, perfect just before bed The Stolen Kingdom is a tale set in mideval times about an usurper who, as the title might imply, uses his power to take the kingdom fr [...]

    10. A. Hunt on said:

      Today is Family day, so I m celebrating by reviewing children s books all week Every day this week I ll be sharing children s and tween book Today s book is The Stolen Kingdom by Ross Rosenfield and Sida Chen.The story is about a boy who grew up in a loving family, with a Duke and his son as friends, and in love with a beautiful family friend Life seemed sweet, but the boy, Taylor James wasn t who he thought he was Taylor was actually the Prince of Belsdan.With his identity hidden, he was safe f [...]

    11. Erik This Kid Reviews Books on said:

      It is a time of mystique, deceit, theft and arugula yes I typed arugula and you ll have to read the book to find out, because I m not telling you The Dark Duke has wrongfully taken Taylor James place as king of Belsden after he thought he got rid of him Taylor James has been raised in a nearby country, unaware that he is the true king When he comes of age, he and his friend, Robert of Roth, join the local army Soon, they are called upon to fight the army of the Dark Duke, who is trying to take o [...]

    12. Tonja Drecker on said:

      This is a story with a different feel from many fantasy books It reminded me of the traditional fairy tale style heavy in the narration , but with modern remarks which keep it fresh while adding a pinch of extra humor The writing is perfect for 4th graders and up Although it feels too young for upper middle grade or teens the descriptions, narration and comments , the plot can hold the attention of older readers The world is well constructed Due to the heavier narration, I never felt closely co [...]

    13. Maci on said:

      The Stolen Kingdom by Ross Rosenfeld is about Taylor James and the Kingdom of Belsden The Kingdom of Beslden is a happy and peaceful Kingdom with King Edmund and Queen Beatrice ruling, until the Dark Duke takes control in a terrible accident He oppresses his people and lives an extravagant lifestyle paid for by taxes Taylor was found when he was an infant by Tibbie and Brianna and they adopted him as their own Taylor grows up in Monstero with his best friend Rosemarie until one day he meets Robe [...]

    14. Nikitah on said:

      Funny and adventurous, but mostly adventurous The author has a quirky writing style that keeps you engaged throughout the saga of a prince who spends most of his life not knowing that he is the rightful heir to a usurped throne and what he does with that knowledge The baddie is definitely bad, although he has a few quirks that make him less scary, so you could probably read this to your children The major battle scenes at the end you might want to edit a little, but they re not super descriptive [...]

    15. Carol Bosselman on said:

      Meant for a much younger audience than I originally expected, and a bit violent for such, but the story was well told I actually enjoyed it a lot, until near the end, when the writing stopped being a narrative and seemed to drop to an even younger mindset with a ton of two and three word sentences a lot of rage and fury, fury and rage and sound effects I lost a lot of interest here and just skimmed over most of it again, I found it a little too violent for what I thought the intended age group b [...]

    16. Roshan on said:

      the book started well I enjoyed the writing perhaps till the story was half way through Its been a complete disappointment both in terms of the story line as well as the writing from that point onward The language towards the end of the story is certainly not suitable for young children Similarly, the way the fight is described as if its a madman s version is also not what i would expect from a book targeted at young kids In a world that despairs from brutality already, I wish the author was th [...]

    17. Cassie Parker on said:

      I like fairy tale types of books, but I just couldn t get into this one It was written well and easy to follow, but it was too young a book for me My little brother, however, really enjoyed it He s 13, so it makes sense He laughed at things I just didn t find funny and made fun of events when I got bored So, it s not a bad book or anything I am just used to books with an older tone to them.

    18. Liza Goldberg on said:

      Cute story, lots of good action There s definitely some Princess Bride correlations, which made me smile My only complaint is that the author seemed to get caught up in the excitement of the story, and the writing got a bit rushed and over exuberant in a detracting way too many exclamation points and run on sentences , but kudos for being involved in the story

    19. Ben Mariner on said:

      First of all, this is touted as a book for middle graders I would not agree with this Language and events of the first few chapters alone are much too old for middle graders Aside from that, it s supposed to be a kind of fairy tale, and I suppose it is to some degree, but not done well enough to set it apart from others like it.

    20. lauren on said:

      My review of the stolen kingdomI throughly enjoyed this book, but it is poorly written It jumps from place to place and is very hard to keep up with But the story line is there and it was magnificent One of the best I have read after you get accustomed to the writing.

    21. Arlene on said:

      I absolutely loved this book If you re a fan of real action adventure like Raiders or Star Wars unlike Harry Potter couldn t get into it then you ll love Stolen Kingdom.There are so many fantastic characters What a terrific imagination i didn t want it to end Can t wait for part 11

    22. Ian on said:

      Five stars A page turner Full of interesting characters be it Taylor James, John Miglene, or the Pooglie Wooglie s Even the side characters have great stories Full of sword fights and arugula this book is not to be missed.

    23. Michael B on said:

      AmazingThis book is one of the best books I have ever read It is hard to get into at first but then you really enjoy it Especially the epic battle at the end Also the Adjectives are mind blowingST BOOK EVER

    24. Julie Allred on said:

      Amazing This is the best book in the world So amazing You could reread this a million times, and still love it.

    25. Sarah on said:

      It s a long story, still in need of editing in bits Not the easiest to read, but I got all the way through it Probably wouldn t read another though

    26. Michael Morrissey on said:

      AwesomeThe storyline is good for me to have good mythical creatures of habit to the bow down to die to

    27. Peter Morton on said:

      Excellent reading.The story unfolds in a cohesive manner that makes it eminently readable for young and mid teenagers Not bad for adults as well.

    28. Seth on said:

      It was an epic journey with lovable charachters The Star Wars of our generation Stop everything you are doing and read this book You will have a great time.

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