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Cover Me By Catherine Mann Cover Me Nobody writes to die for military heroes like Catherine Mann Suzanne Brockmann New York Times bestselling author of Tall Dark and DevastatingIt should have been a simple missionPararescueman Wade Ro

  • Title: Cover Me
  • Author: Catherine Mann
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cover Me By Catherine Mann Nobody writes to die for military heroes like Catherine Mann Suzanne Brockmann, New York Times bestselling author of Tall, Dark and DevastatingIt should have been a simple missionPararescueman Wade Rocha fast ropes from the back of a helicopter into a blizzard to save a climber stranded on an Aleutian Island, but Sunny Foster insists she can take care of herself ju Nobody writes to die for military heroes like Catherine Mann Suzanne Brockmann, New York Times bestselling author of Tall, Dark and DevastatingIt should have been a simple missionPararescueman Wade Rocha fast ropes from the back of a helicopter into a blizzard to save a climber stranded on an Aleutian Island, but Sunny Foster insists she can take care of herself just fineBut when it comes to passion, nothing is ever simpleWith the snowstorm kicking into overdrive, Sunny and Wade hunker down in a cave and barely resist the urge to keep each other warm until they discover the frozen remains of a horrific crime Unable to trust the local police force, Sunny and Wade investigate, while their irresistible passion for each other gets them and dangerously entangled When you read Catherine Mann you get nonstop action, nail biting suspense, and heart stopping romance The Romance Studio
    Cover Me By Catherine Mann

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      Catherine Mann

    One thought on “Cover Me

    1. Karla on said:

      Just a heads up kids If you live here in the states and get the NatGeo channel, check out the six part special that starts tonight about this amazing branch of the military I knew very little about them until I started reading these books, and when the elite need rescuing, these are the guys who do the job I know these books are fictional, but these men are realey are amazing heroes It s the first time a camera crew was allowed to imbed themselves with the Air Force s Pararescuemen, or PJ s, as [...]

    2. Auntee on said:

      I really enjoyed this one It had a good combination of suspense and surprisingly hot romance I liked the remote Alaskan setting that was something different and the way Catherine Mann described things made you feel the chill The villain and his reasons for doing what he did seemed a bit out there , but I went with it and enjoyed it The hero Air Force Pararescueman Wade Rocha Smokin hot, honorable, incredibly brave what s not to like I had never heard of a pararescueman before reading this book a [...]

    3. Wendy on said:

      Wow, this has the perfect balance of suspense, action and hot steaminess Catherine Mann sure knows how to write a great suspense Her knowledge of the military world if fantastic and really gives a great feel for the book setting and plot.This is one of the best romantic suspense I ve read in a while Loved it If that s not enough to tempt you maybe this will Wade Enjoy

    4. Saly on said:

      Cover Me is the start of series and I am intrigued enough to read the next few books.It s based in a new world, Wade is a pararescueman He is totally military, with parents who served He was a hell raiser in his teens but has changed He still carries guilt over his mother getting injured and loves what he does and saving lives In Alaska, he jumps on a rescue mission and finds Sunny, who seems not happy to see him and than capable of looking after herself He thinks she is a stranded climber but [...]

    5. Lori Foster on said:

      Incredible story INCREDIBLE ALPHA HEROES I ve never read about pararescuemen before, and now I m entirely fascinated I ll read the whole series Catherine Mann is a fabulous storyteller The heroes are modern, edgy, real and so are the heroines Highly recommended to anyone who likes action and adventure with their romance.

    6. Naudia on said:

      Ok, so my Currently Reading shelf is full of books i ve started and hate, but i didn t want to give a low rating so i ve just allowed them to let them sit there making it appear as though i m reading fifty books at once Well, you know what , it s time to face the fact that i m not going to read some of them, so it s time to clean house dammit I didn t get too far off into this book because my eyes threatened to kill me in my sleep if i rolled them just one goddamn time They said that And i was [...]

    7. Beanbag Love on said:

      This is the first book I ve read by this author and, to be honest, I m not sure how it ended up on my Kindle Another impulse buy However it got there, I m glad it did This was a solid 4.5 for me with good characters and chemistry, an interesting location, and suspenseful, exciting moments.This is the first book in the Elite Ops series about Air Force pararescuers The setting of this book is Alaska, but the next one will be set somewhere else This story concerns Wade Rocha and Sunny Foster She s [...]

    8. Jane Stewart on said:

      3 stars It has some good ingredients for romantic suspense It was ok but I wasn t wowedORY BRIEF In the Aleutian Islands in Alaska near Russia is a village of people living off the grid no credit cards, no utilities, no tax returns They grow their own food in hot houses The sun and volcanic heat provide energy When Sunny was a teenager her family moved there because her brother Phoenix went AWOL from the military, and they wanted to keep him out of jail She has a younger sister Misty Sunny is no [...]

    9. Chan on said:

      Writing The story was confusing for a while because of the way Catherine Mann revealed information The writing style was also odd I m not sure if all of it was mistakes or just weird sentence structures Also, I really disliked all of the POVs There were too many Characters Sunny and Wade could have been written better The connection wasn t solid enough There was of a heartfelt connection between Flynn and Misty Storyline After I got over being confused, I began to enjoy the storyline But I was [...]

    10. Buggy on said:

      Opening Line It was a cold day in hell for Tech Sergeant Wade Rocha standard ops for a mission in Alaska I struggled through this and ultimately gave up about half way in It s not that it s all that terrible, it just that it was so average on all accounts and I couldn t have cared less about the romance between Sunny Wade Honestly I just I couldn t be bothered to finish, I knew it was only ever going to be a 2 star read, very meh.I ve read lots of Catherine Mann stuff before and she always seems [...]

    11. Jenn Scranton on said:

      First of all, this book automatically got one star for being Air Force special ops I have been looking for hot AF books forever and I found this one by accident Finally Now this story was a little different than some of the novels I normally read Sunny, yes that is her name , lives in a totally remote town in Alaska The freaky kind where the residents are told that if they wanted to leave the village they could never come back What the citizens did not know what that people could not return beca [...]

    12. Crystal ♥ RBtWBC on said:

      4.5 StarsHigh altitude danger, riveting suspense and scorching romance, Cover Me was a book that I couldn t put down Pararescue Jumper, Wade Rocha, is in Alaska on a training mission when his team gets the call to pick up a stranded group of climbers When he parachutes down towards the last figure he sees Wade finds the beautiful Sunny Foster and her dog Chewie, who do not want nor need his help But when somebody takes a shot at them and a lot of the woman s story just doesn t seem to add up, Wa [...]

    13. Hbeebti on said:

      Wow I pleasantly surprised by this book I have tried to read another book by this author and it didn t fare so well But this sounded promising so I have it a go Yep I liked it a lot Wade is a pararescueman Which leads to to rescuing Sunny who he thinks is stranded in the Alaskan wild Nope not really whats happening lol Thing is that Sunny has secrets and she doesn t want to get to close to this super hot dude Things heat up when dead bodies are found and someone is trying to hurt Sunny I really [...]

    14. Kristine Cayne on said:

      I really enjoyed this book Alaska was an interesting choice of local, the characters were fun, and Wade the para rescue man was hot I ll be reading the rest of the series, for sure.

    15. Ing on said:

      My Synopsis Wade Rocha and his fellow team members of pararescueman have just completed a grueling training session when they are called in to rescue some stranded climbers on Mount Redoubt Mount Redoubt is located on the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and his known as the place that God forgot Sunny Foster is stranded in a snowstorm after seeing her friends safely off the mountain and transferred to the safety of Sheriff Rand from the mainland While trying to seek shelter with her dog Chewie she is [...]

    16. Brianna (The Book Vixen) on said:

      Review copy provided by publisher3 starsWhy I Read this Book This book had me at romantic suspense and pararescue jumpers I m reading everything labeled romantic suspense I come across that strikes my fancy This is the first book I ve read by this author I was checking out the author s backlist and it seems she writes quite a bit of military toned romantic suspense my cup of tea What I Liked I liked both Sunny s and Wade s characters Sunny is extremely independent, self sufficient and smart It s [...]

    17. Sia McKye on said:

      A dangerous enemy with an agenda, a heroine with a secret, and a hot hero trying to deal with both THOUGHTS This is the type of book you don t want to put down once you start it It s a well written suspense What I particularly enjoyed about the story is the fact that Alaska is a character of sorts Sunny and Wade aren t just dealing with one unforgiving enemy but two, Alaska in the winter and a murderer Both enemies are capable of killing Sunny and Wade if they make a wrong move and come close t [...]

    18. Christi Snow on said:

      Full review reposted from my blog, Smitten with ReadingMy Review I really loved the premise of this book Coming from an Air Force background, I love that Catherine Mann is starting a series about PJ s Air Force pararescue jumpers While in theory, this book had a great premise, the whole story behind Sunny s hidden off the grid community was such a foreign idea that the details no one can come back once they leave, but new people can come in, etc just didn t make sense to me Unfortunately, the wa [...]

    19. Lisa Filipe on said:

      OkI d say we have a decent start to this Elite Ops series I have to admit that this is my first Military Romance by Catherine I have read all of her Harlequin Romances, but I thought it would be a great idea to venture out, maybe meet a sexy military hero or two or three I truly enjoyed watching our hero, Wade Brick Rocha, in action as a Pararescue Jumper PJ Catherine writes the scene as if she is right there, next to Wade as he scales the mountain sideSo realistic and fascinating.Then he meets [...]

    20. Candice on said:

      I think this is a solid 3 from me Mainly for the suspense part I honestly didn t buy the romance part Maybe I am in the minority, but it just felt off Wade doesn t trust Sunny from the get go, but he wants to nail her He keeps telling himself she s hiding something, but still wants to nail her Sunny is the same She doesn t trust Wade or anyone outside her off the grid community , but she wants to nail him She won t tell him her secrets even though he knows she has them, but she still wants to na [...]

    21. Holly on said:

      I have to say, I love that the series is about PJ s I think they re amazing Anyway, aside from that, I can t say much good about the story between Wade and Sunny She drove me absolutely insane CRAZY INSANE I wanted to push her off a cliff Wade s perfectness didn t bother me, but I do think he put up with way too much from Sunny.Flynn was a rounded character I really fell into the parts with Misty, but I was impatient and skimming through the parts with Sunny and Wade I wish it had been written [...]

    22. Tina on said:

      She s returning home from escorting some friends on a dangerous trip through the mountains in winter He s just completed a dangerous mission to rescue some stranded skiers When this woman who s living off the grid meets this pararescueman who s mistakenly thinks she needs rescuing, will their sizzling chemistry be enough to keep them warm And when they discover the dead bodies of the two friends she thought were safe buried in the ice in a deep chasm, will they be able to discover the identity o [...]

    23. McKenzie on said:

      Couldn t finish this one I was on a romantic suspense kick, but I may be done now When you learn to write, or edit, you learn to show, not tell So the entire time I was reading this, I wanted the author to shut up and give me a chance to figure out that metaphor for myself, to understand on my own that this character was sad, to use my own wits to identify the criminal mastermind, etc If you ve a better tolerance for obvious storytelling and clunky writing, then you might like this book

    24. Diane on said:

      i liked the book well enough, but i was puzzled by the heroine s brother and sister in law s part in this story i don t feel like they were either explained very well and in this day and age, can any place, especially in the US, be off the grid to that extent i did like the hero and heroine, as well as the heroine s sister

    25. Aly on said:

      It pained me to give this book only 2 stars b c I have loved all the other military books written by Catherine Mann But this one just never grabbed me I am going to have to mull it over to see if I can figure out exactly what didn t work for me but I think I just got annoyed with the whole our town must stay a secret thing It just didn t ring true for me.

    26. Trewen on said:

      A bit of an eye roller.This felt very freshman to me and It lacked character development Sunny was inconsistent and Uhhh, I already can t remember the hero s name Anyway, hisnarration was bland and repetitive The villain same thing However,I did like that the setting was on an Aleutian island.

    27. Candace on said:

      A great story Wade is a fantastic alpha male hero type and Sunny is a strong independent resourceful woman Together they are unstoppable.This book has great action and plot plus awesome romance A must read

    28. Carrie on said:

      I have so found me another author to feverishly read the back catalog of An interesting setting, good plot, good solid lead charactersld I liked Sunny as a heroine, and I liked Wade as a hero a lot.

    29. Awilk -never sleeps- on said:

      I really enjoyed this The story was a bit different to others in this genre, and I found it hard to put down I enjoyed the pace of the story and the characters were smart, strong and believable Catherine Mann has been put on my must read of list.

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